Food Panda Review

The other day, the boyfriend and I were too lazy to go out for food (one of those days). Since going out for food is out of the question, here are the options we had at that time:

- Cook? Knowing us, it'll take hours and we might have to make a run to the grocer to get missing ingredients anyway (the whole point of this is to not go out at all!).
- Instant noodles. And feel guilty for the rest of the night.
-Starve and be angry at each other.

or we could

- Have restaurants come to us.

It was the perfect situation for Food Panda, a food delivery service. So I went online to check out our options (can be accessed via mobile app too). There were 29 restaurants in SS2 that we could order from through Food Panda.

I like how we can easily filter the results (on the left) and how the important details are clearly stated in the preview (delivery fee, payment method etc.).

Looked through the selections and decided to try Puzzini Swedish Pizza for the first time, partly motivated by its high ratings. Order process was straightforward, just select the items that you want (you can keep track using the shopping cart on the upper right) and checkout when you're done.

Shortly after the order was confirmed, I received an e-mail and an SMS to inform me of the expected delivery time and also to recap the order details.

(1 hour later...)

Food is here and we made the payment.

YAAAAAS!!!! Food is served!

After digging in, we returned to our hermit mode of watching series under the blankets. Perfect night! It's okay to not go out if you don't want too but you don't have to compromise taste. So whether you're feeling lazy, have no mode of transportation, or too busy with work in the office... Food Panda will always be there to help!

You can try the service at or download the app! 

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American Apparel - Back to Basics!

Just doing my usual online shopping (because I'm too lazy to drive and walk) and stumbled upon American Apparel which is a well known brand especially in the States but not so much here, glad they finally made it convenient for us to purchase locally! Here are some of my top picks.

I like how basic the pieces are which makes them perfect for the fashion mix and match thing! Looks really comfy too! American Apparel is synonymous to basic clothing with great quality that is a must-have in your wardrobe. 

That's not the only thing they are famous for though, if you would just Google some American Apparel images you would find that their advertising campaigns are highly provocative and quite controversial. Their clothing, on the other hand, are anything but provocative :p

Can shop for the boyfie too while I'm at it because American Apparel not only caters to men and women but has recently expanded to kids wear as well. They have everything! Leggings, tank tops, leotards, dresses, pants, denim, nail polish and accessories in various prints and colours, everything you need all in one brand! That makes life easier, phew.

I know how most of us enjoy online shopping for its convenience and there really are too many choices on the Internet lately. However, for myself, I find myself to fall back to the reliable ones like Zalora, the best online fashion destination. Yes, ladies and gents, American Apparel is now available on Zalora Malaysia so go check it out!

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Wakeboarding #1

Lately I've been wakeboarding a little. We do it at the lake at The Mines, under Aaron's Wakeboarding School. It's a great sport, and is tougher than it looks, at least for me :p

Chilling on the boat is already fun by itself, with much alcohol and adrenaline going around.

Noobie on the board. At least I didn't get faceplanted so hard!

The boys and their jumps!

Fun times at the resort too.

The boys brought their GoPro's along so we had plenty of awesome footage. I made a video! You can check it out below :D

This is not the last of our wakeboard journey. More sessions to come! If you're interested, you can check out Aaron's Wakeboarding School. Have a smashing week ahead.

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