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Hapineko (ハピ猫) Cat Cafe @ Shibuya

We came here because I wanted to meet this cat named Komomo that I saw on their website. Komomo is the fat fluffy cat in the picture above (upper right corner). 
Hapineko is a small cat cafe in Shibuya with an infamous reputation due to the quality of customer service. The place itself is cosy and well-kept, and they have about 16 cats.  
It overlooks a street in Shibuya so it's a good spot for people watching. You know, in case all the cats don't give a shit about you, which is a highly likely scenario.
 Despite all the negative reviews on Tripadvisor, our visit went rather smoothly—we didn't get yelled at or anything. However, Hapineko wasn't exactly a place with happy vibes.
The cats were lazy and grumpy most of the time, as how cats are.
 Also because it's noon, most cats were having their afternoon nap.
 One was people-watching with us. It has a shirt and collar on so we weren't supposed to touch it, according to the cafe rule.
 Her name is Pudding Prince…

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