Girls' Day Out

Rasa Ju-on. Hello, Erk, so I went out with two super duper delicious hot hot sizzling hot babes today aka Tzia Tzia & Michelle (: Unfort...

Rasa Ju-on.


Erk, so I went out with two super duper delicious hot hot sizzling hot babes today aka Tzia Tzia & Michelle (:

Unfortunately I won't be able to update until Monday night perhaps. Will be busy tomorrow!

Picture courtesy of Tzia

Meanwhile, keep yourself entertained:

& I'll upload the pictures & have a proper update ASAP okay! Pinky promise teehee.



As I was saying, my Sunday was spent with my perempuans at Pyramid.

Followed dad to Summit around 11AM and spent hours in the bookshop and Starbucks. How can one not love a cup of heavenly green tea latte in the morning aye?

Tzia picked me up from there and we walked and shopped around for a bit while waiting for Michelle's arrival. Waiit, I think I left something out. Did I mention camwhoring? Yeah, that :)

Check out her new top with the "Single" word on it. *wiggles eyebrows*

This perempuan purposely went back to Add-On just to "loan" their mirror haha!

Michelle arrived around 3.20 (20 minutes LATE! :P) and somehow by telepathy the three of us dressed rather identically, denim skirt and baby tee. (Actually hor, that Tzia FORCED me to wear denim skirt one ISH you see lah where got people forced to do such thing one I ask you! But I forced her to wear heels in return teehee)

Oh by the way, we adopted Michelle as our daughter because she's too adorable! *hugs her till she can't breathe*

So here,

Father, mother and daughter.

Perfect candid.

Selepas itu, we set our daughter free to paktoh with her darling, see we so kind kan :) Tzia and I went home around 6 I guess.

Heh, that was part of my Sunday. The rest of my Sunday is spent rushing my Moral project damnit! I only managed to complete it after 12AM. Which is probably the reason why I was super cranky in school today.

&& ShinJi and I just found out that we're in the same bus few days ago LOL after months of sitting in the same bus together.

«[[†ŠĦĭńj1†]]»™ ` The Unbreakable Mask on You.. says:
actuallyy ritee i didnt noe until dat day
- * ѕнїиуєє - gluttony says:
LOL den how u noe
the guy told me dat ur name is shin yee or something
actually b4 dat i was planning to ask u for ur numb
-.- u aaaaaaaaaa.. lidat oso cant recognize me...

His name damn cool lah k. SHINJI SUGAWARA siut. I wish I have that name instead of ShinYee. Then perhaps this blog will be named shinjiiiiiiii. Or maybe SHINYI KONICHIWA WTFBBQ.

but nobody wan sit beside u wan
LOL YAA why ah
all sked of u wei seriouslyyyy
i damn garang isit!

& we gossiped about our bus uncle. Talking about how horny he is and how he bullies the younger kids LOL WTF.

Omg guess what I forgotten about my homework again. Jason the "father" is bugging me to go complete my work and sleep now otherwise he won't give me candies. T___T Actually he promised me kai fan.

So I think I should listen to him. My homework will take me up to 1AM again.



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