Hello, Leo's Charity Carnival Bazaar ( CCB, which also stands for something else -.-) today. I came back from hometown this morning and...


Leo's Charity Carnival Bazaar (CCB, which also stands for something else -.-) today. I came back from hometown this morning and went for that event later on.

It was, rather disappointing.

Just look at the backdrop lah;

*holding back laughter* Okay lah, I contributed on making it also, I helped to spoil the styrofoam cutter. It wasn't that bad lah actually :D

Seafield stall was okay and amazingly we managed to sell off EVERYTHING by the end of the day. Fuh. Overall it was a success!


We were selling marshmallow with chocolate (my idea hahahaa). We even get to splat chocolate on each other's faces by the end of the day. I LOVEE CHOCOLATES!

I ate three cupcakes today and am very happy about it :D

Synna can NEVER stop moving ;)

My lovely Alicia had a haircut and it looked so goooood! 8D

Sorry for the different sizes of photos, its hard to choose between a camera and phone.

Went AC yumcha with Tzia and Adele. Adele left us after that. So sad kan T_T LOL.

So I spent the rest of the day at AC with the hot perempuan Tzia and the guys. Played foos and pool for some time. I love pool lah, hahaa.

I know you love the mirror+us combination that you've seen 36259726058 times, lol.

Went back to Taylors to sibuk around 5, and was attacked by chocolate -.- Shinji's mom sent me home after that, thankfully, because it was raining. & OMG he speaks Japanese to his mom so cool lah hahaa. (this is what you call a jakun)

Shinyi, Shinjee (on purpose lah -.-)

OMG WENG KIN IS COMING BACK FOR A WEEK! (He went to Singapore All Boys School, in case you didn't even realize he's gone) Those who know him please do come and see him tomorrow @ Pyramid, 1PM onwards. How can you not miss that sarcastic nerd with a twisted sense of humour.

& tomorrow is also the homecoming for NS people. Hahaa ;)

&& the day after tomorrow is SPM RESULTS HAHAAA. Sorry I just had to remind you of that.


What else did I miss?


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