This was my Saturday's lunch break. with, as usual, Tzia the babe. along with (from left) Zhang Bin, Justin, Wai Chun and Yat (one, ...

This was my Saturday's lunch break.

with, as usual, Tzia the babe.

along with (from left) Zhang Bin, Justin, Wai Chun and Yat (one, yi, yat, satu)

Forgot why I took this. What were they doing?? ._.

See so many people came to accompany me for lunch! I'm so touched! *sheds a tear* hahaaha joking.

Wai Chun and Yi Wen came to get me after work, heading to AC. This two senior citizens couldn't remember where they parked and we had to search high and low for it. Tsk tsk, see. Only I can be a dependable human GPS.

Met up with Zhang Bin and Justin there again, Wai Chun didn't want to play properly, poop you. Met Abel and the fat Voon Hee there, and B came too.

B, Sophia and Joseph fetched me home to change and we headed to Pyramid to meet up with the others. Somebody's birthday marr *wiggles eyebrows*


Guess who?

(from left) Shien, B, Joseph, Steven, Ryan, Chung How

Went drinking at Coco Banana.

Sophia is very fair!

Using my cam to SS.

Alaa they didn't ask me to close eyes T_T

Pimp of the night -_-

Group picture.

Below are poser pictures of guys, guys can be scarier than girls when it comes to camwhoring sometimes. Be prepared.

Okay wash your eyes and continue seeing now :)

Our turn to "zhi lian"

From left to right, play the guess game again.

Shien is super red.

Some candids here.

Now, let me show you.. THE MYSTERY MAN haahahahaaha. The mystery man specially requested for all his pictures to be blurred.

Thanks to JACKY, we went to MOS for a while towards the ending. Some things happened, don't know should I laugh or cry thinking about it.

We all went back to the SS17 home and chilled for a while. Some of them were totally dead. The totally okay ones are Sophia, Joseph, Ryan and myself.

We went out to eat, had to really DIG for cash as we were all seriously empty. I think even if we combined all our leftover one bucks together we couldn't even reach twenty. Luckily Hooi Yee lent us cash.

Upside down.

We did some advertising for two products, both are B's birthday presents.


Promoter Ryan

Promoter Sophia

Promoter Joseph

Last but not least..

Promoter Keryi


Some SS "promoters" like us.

End of "advertorial".

Peace ._.v

Pretending only!

Played a round of cards after coming back from yumcha and I went to sleep straight. Despite sleeping at the time range between 5-6, I had to wake at 9 the next day. Rushed home straight and prepared myself for another day of work.

That's life, bear with it.

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