Lets start over

Forget about the 2008 wrap up post. I don't know where to begin and what to begin with. So I figure, if people really want to know about...

Forget about the 2008 wrap up post. I don't know where to begin and what to begin with. So I figure, if people really want to know about my past that much, they can always scroll through my archives.

Anyway, I was very happy yesterday! I'll tell you why after this. But yesterday also I looked slightly different than how I normally do, lol.

Negaraku. Hahaa stupid photo. See the difference now? (Chelle! High 5! :D)

Okay so I said I was happy. Because... I went shopping! Not that I never go shopping before but its just that I bought things that I've always wanted to buy but had no time to look for it. For example, school bag! LOL yes I got my school bag at the very last minute and tomorrow is a schooling day let me just remind you.

Yes I still attend high school, stop thinking I'm a college student or something. Very unreasonable okay, ever since I started working, the people I meet always guess my age above 20. I don't want to look 40 when I am 21 :(

Back to yesterday!


Yesterday afternoon was spent spontaneously because I kind of ffk-ed someone since I was too lazy to head down to KL. So Zheng Wei fetched me out for I-don't-know-what random yumcha with Sam. And after that, I went shopping! HAHAHAHAA.

*clears throat

In my comfort zone


A little on 2008..

2008 was another year. Filled with ups and downs, as usual. I think the best part of it was meeting new people, having more fun, gaining more experiences.

The downs? Of course there were loads of them as well.

Fantastic Four wtf.

Spent my birthday last year with Leo people smashing cake into my face. Didn't manage to celebrate for real because it was clashed with Leo IU. But doesn't mean that I'm not happy, thanks people :)

There, Leo IU.

Of course, there was the cheerleading times.

Sometimes it felt good, but other times unbearable. No more, anyway.

Cousins at uncle's wedding. Any resemblance?

And there, we had those times.

How Genting bonded everyone.

All the way to Halloween.


after events.. Followed by


A job during holidays.

Christmas time :) Many many loves.

The Xperia craze. I'm oficially an Xperian now, wtf I did not make up that name.

Had friends who stood by me, friends who love me still, friends I love, friends that I care for. There were many times I had been very unreasonable, unbearable and overall someone not what you call a friend. For those times, I'm sorry. To me, you guys are still important to me and I'll try harder not to disappoint anyone.

But hey, you know what they say. You can't please everyone.

Always and forever.

Now, 2009..

This year, I made myself a promise. To play less, to take studies more seriously. At the same time, still enjoy life and love myself more. Not narcissism, I'm talking about another kind of self love. Stop torturing myself and take good care of myself.

I want to make them proud.

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