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Too much to tell (: Let me try to recall what I did for the past few days. Oh no what happened last Friday. Oh yes yumcha, tuition, yumch...

Too much to tell (:

Let me try to recall what I did for the past few days. Oh no what happened last Friday. Oh yes yumcha, tuition, yumcha, yumcha, pool. Yes, in that exact order. Went out with Chelle, Wai Chun and Sam.

Saturday went down to OU, had lunch with fellow Homies aka Carmen, Alex, Kelvin and Jien. That was of course, along with my dearest.

Needs her haircut.

Wee my grandmother's legs :D


I can easily flood my camera with more than 100 shots(they all look the same) when I'm in the passenger seat. And especially when the journey takes more than 15 minutes.

Fellow homies wanted to have lunch at Delicious but it was packed so we changed target to Paddington's instead. Weee Paddington's! :D

This is Homie #1:


Homie #4:


Homies #2 and #3 are Alex and I weeeee. Okay I'm done introducing the Homies committee, now lets salivate a little.



Sweet, me still likey. (Translation: I still like sweet better)

Pancakes, me likey (:

Watched Inkheart that day. I love movies with happy endings! I also love pretty pink stuffs, as if that's not obvious enough. (If you're allergic to pink, you'll probably die when you see my table in school)

Okay that came out of nowhere. Back to OU.

He looks like a midget next to me. Oh wait.. I should say, I look like a giant next to him. So like, its not my fault okay!

Had Blizzard icecream! Love love love icecreams! Okay before I start on my loves and blablabla which will eventually lead to some totally unrelated things again, let me show you The Many Faces of A Blizzard Fan:

Exhilarated 8D

Don't disturb me -__-

Digging for more o.o

I wonder why I'm so mou liu at times too, you're not alone.

Went back to Sunway and dined at Station One. After that, which was Saturday night, I went back to my hometown wtf boohoo ): Well okay since it was only for a day or so I didn't hesitate that much.

Okay I look too excited ._.


Finally came back to Subang on Monday afternoon and in case you're wondering, no I did not celebrate Thaipusam thankyou.

Headed over to Midvalley, Midvalley's parking system is total sh*t, seriously. Or maybe because there were too many cars there that day lol.

Watched Pink Panther 2 at Signature, The Gardens. Not packed, me likey (:

Chelle and I treated Kah Joe to his belated birthday "dinner" later that night at Starbucks. You owe us a big big one now! :D

Okay! Plenty of unfinished work awaits, toodles! (:

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