What's Hypp and happening?

TM(Telekom Malaysia) recently launched their interactive multimedia site, Hypp.tv . To me, it is more or less like Astro, only online. Bette...

TM(Telekom Malaysia) recently launched their interactive multimedia site, Hypp.tv. To me, it is more or less like Astro, only online. Better still, now I can just glue my ass to my computer chair.

Attended their launch at Laundry The Curve with my ever-so-hot Tzia babe or better known as The Catwoman yesterday.

What did I tell you, grrrrrr (:

Other bloggers who were also there were,

Ringo and Huai Bin. I'm not so sure what Ringo was dressing up as but Huai Bin was none other than Jack Sparrow from Pirates Of The Caribbean.

To make it look more real, he even carries a gun(which was actually a lighter) and an empty bottle of rum with him!

Cynthia dressed up very Audrey Hepburn-like . I love her gloves!

Shaolin Tiger as of course, the legendary Elvis Presley!

The event was started off with a break dance performance by the oh-no-what-was-the-group's-name? o.o Floor Crew? Sorry!

Official launch by the producer and others.

Hypp.tv is basically a site where you can watch all the popular, live, and on demand videos ONLINE! Who has time to sit in front of the tv nowadays right right.

And the best part is, they have SO MANY channels that you won't be able to make up your mind on what to watch. Their channels vary from News(in every kind of language possible), Variety(channels specially made for dramas only, entertainment news, music and so on), Lifestyle(fashion, beauty and everything glam), Special football channels(Glory glory Ma- I'm not saying anything.). There are seriously so many more but I don't know how to categorize them already.

You can always check it out yourself at Hypp.tv

And maybe sign up for it (:

Question and answer session.

Press conference.

Wow, I didn't know Elvis and Captain Sparrow were fans of DSLR's. What happened to guitars and swords?

Group pictures of bloggers, not so ready.

Still not so ready. In this picture are also Karen and Joyce.

One of the best part of the day.


Oh glorious food (:

Ringo is happy with her food.

A better picture of bloggers with the producer.

Nicholas, who fetched Tzia and I there. He also help to take pictures for us, thank you! (wtf, my natural lashes not glued properly to the fake ones and I'm still having a minor case of red eye infection, gasp. Sat bai)

The pirate with two gorgeous chicks.

Friend of Sidney's.

Last but not least, my lovely babe.



Truckload of SS pictures, all the way baby.

Before the day started, over at Tzia's place. Helped her out with her hair and make up. And her sister, being such a sweetheart, was a great help too.

I'm not so sure what I was, lol.

But Tzia was Catwoman for sure.

And now I shall skip straight to the after event part.

The ass next to my ear is very disturbing D:

No I wasn't emo, its just that I had no energy to smile anymore hahaa.

Was also trying to wait for better reception from Big Apple's WiFi. Oh, I failed.

After that, it was a long way back to Pyramid for dinner and movie again. Which means my camera again, is polluted with endless camwhore pictures in the car but I shall just leave them out first, FOR NOW.

Okay maybe just a few.

O hai (:

Sunset, weee.

Had a drink with Michelle at Pyramid, before the movie. That night we watched The Punisher. A great watch for those who don't mind violence. But watching it in the cinema is a total ripoff, they had a lot of scenes cut out, no more fun D:

That's about it for yesterday. Today it was just yumcha and shopping, not that I'm complaning (:

Roar, I have no time to complete all my work which deadlines are all tomorrow. So, coffee, its going to be a loooong night for us both.

Yup, just you, and me. All night long baby.

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