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So the movie we watched was.. Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li wtfness. Confession confession: I know nothing about Street Fighter exce...

So the movie we watched was.. Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li wtfness. Confession confession: I know nothing about Street Fighter except for the fact that whenever I play Street Fighter I'll always play as Chun Li simply because other characters were too ugly. *hides from Street Fighter fans*

*spoiler ahead


I mean, come on. Okay so in the beginning of the movie they used a chinese girl but suddenly halfway through the movie, *BOOM* chinese girl magically transformed into hot hot angmoh Kristin Kreuk wtf.

Okay actually the movie wasn't exactly too bad but it certainly did crushed every Street Fighter fans' hopes.

Lunch at Kim Gary, drink at Starbucks and dinner at Wong Kok. Hong Kong restaurant fans lol. We walked around for the longest time, definitely more than 6 hours because our parking ticket costed 6 or 7 bucks that day. Siao can go fight KLIA already lah. (Lol not that kua jiong until KLIA la and shit I sound damn Ah Lian)

He finally learned how to use macro, yay! *sheds tears of joy

Seriously, no sarcasm intended.

No camwhore partner in the washroom so I took this quickly when noone was around, I also know how to paiseh one okay -_-


Monday after school met up with Tzia and Chelle at Pyramid. We were later joined by Ernest(OMG it has been ages since I last saw you), Venice and Nicholas. Spent hours just chatting and shisha-ing at Tarbush.

Venice and Ernest even helped me to finish up some of my Addmath work which has to be handed up today. Yeah, lol.

All was good, love my friends.

Have fun people.


Oh hi, I just got back from school :)

A very unfortunate event happened today. Someone broke into baby's car and stolen total 5 phones which belong to Teng Han, baby and I and also the aircon chip.


I didn't cry at all this time, eventhough the loss was much greater than the time I my handbag got snatched. I don't know why. After all, my phones are just items, not like they have lives. So what if my phones add up to an amount more than RM 3k. Merely just money.

Money, can be earned back anytime.

Lets look at the bright side of things since there's really nothing we can do about it. Thanks for the ice cream Carmen and here's something she said to me, "At least Hello Kitty wasn't stolen."

-__- Yeaaaah.

I'm having a funny feeling which I don't know how to describe. I can still hop happily wtf what is wrong with me but I'm very stoned as well.

Oh, may the one who stole the things die and rot in hell. Okay that's not cruel enough. May the thief be butchered alive just like what they did to the women in China.

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