Saturday night, one of the best nights to just let your hair down and chill out with friends. My last Saturday night was spent at this reall...

Saturday night, one of the best nights to just let your hair down and chill out with friends. My last Saturday night was spent at this really good hangout spot, Shalome.

Shalome, Taman Tun Dr Ismail(TTDI)

Tzia, Yee Hou and I arrived there around 7 something, just in time for dinner! Present were also fellow bloggers and nuffies. I'm not too sure who am I to thank for the invite and free food so I'm going to thank nuffies like Nicholas and Yee Hou and of course, Shalome itself.

All set to pig out.

Shalome's menu consists of mostly appetizers(Spanish, tapas), but if you're really hungry they also have pizzas and worth trying carbonaras.

Some of the dishes that night,

Mushrooms on bread.

Lamb, mmm.

Fish cakes with cheese, nom nom nom. (*cheese for life!)

The food were all presented beautifully, with the exception of the messy lamb because it slided off place when it was passed around. But nevertheless all of them tasted good, or was it because I was hungry and especially after having a beer. Hah whatever, nom nom nom nom nom (:

Nicholas loves his lamb very much ♥

Live music.

The performers did a great job entertaining the crowd for the night. I like the overall environment there, neither too quiet or noisy, excellent services, and everything else you expect for a good night out.

Anyway, had fun taking pictures and mingling around. Some of the lovely people,

Stephanie, who has the same phone as me, Myself, and dearest Tzia.

Stephanie again, myself and whose hand was that? o.o

Oh by the way, halfway taking pictures with Yee Hou I fell down wtfwtf. The kick from the beer came in quick. I know right, *slaps self*, no more drinking for you little girl!

Yee Hou far right, who turned lobster that night!

KY with his gigantic DSLR.

Most of the bloggers and nuffies had their DSLRs with them, making my faithful old pink camera feel.. incredibly small. Nevermind if that didn't make any sense -_-

Huai Bin in the centre.

Two more gentlemen here,



Oh another important matter, the washroom. Thank god it wasn't mamak-like, in fact it was clean, dry and the best part?

HUGEEE mirror (: Tzia and I's favorite.

Sorry for shaky shots, couldn't exactly stand still at that time, you know.

Yee Hou showed us a trick using smoke, called the Waterfall/Fountain.

Looks much more amazing in real life, you can see the smoke flows down exactly like a waterfall due to the smoke is denser than something, huh what?, theory.

Headed home some time after ten, thanks Yee Hou for sending me back! (: Sorry for forgetting to reply your message, WHAT SKIP?? I DON'T SKIP WTF ._.

Again, thanks a lot to Shalome and fellow nuffies!

Ahhh, food rocks (:

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  1. Shin Yee! Oh, I didn't know it was the beer. I was quite blur too that day. Got back at 3 am I think and I didn't even know how. I know I was driving, wtf. Anyway, see ya soon! :)

  2. Huai Bin! Wow so late only go home?? Hahaa, don't drive when you're drunk kay! (: Cya soon toooo.

  3. Cheh it was the beer. I thought you were hitting on me wtf pfft.


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