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Precious baby, mommy misses you so much. R.I.P. Yes now I'm starting to miss my precious. I see it EVERYWHERE I go! In the magazines, ...

Precious baby, mommy misses you so much. R.I.P.

Yes now I'm starting to miss my precious. I see it EVERYWHERE I go! In the magazines, brochures and shop displays wtf!


Hahaa doesn't mean I'm emo or what shit. I'm alright weeee, kind of happy these days in fact. Anyway sorry for the short update. Am rushing off to MPSJ now for runners selection.



I think I drowned myself in sunblock today. Oh yes I have a witness, which is my dearest. Its like once I got in the car I started pouring sunblock all over. Legs, hands, neck, face EVERYWHERE OMG and for a moment I was white in color until all the sunblock were absorbed. He gave me a stare... as if I have the word WEIRDO printed across my forehead or something.

No the sunblock didn't help much. 3 PM on MPSJ field was not, is not, and will not be a good idea. Not ever. Even with the help of umbrella, NO.

Now I wonder why I bother attending, aaaah. I can see my skin turning few tones darker now.


Anyway, had dinner with the homies after the selection. We dined at

Yes Yellow Cab Pizza!! I love the whole concept of this pizza place, so CUTE!

Homies and I, as usual, did a lot of stupid things with a 10 cent coin while waiting for our pizza. After that we went SHOPPING!!!!! ... at Watsons.


No its not just because its cute.

Dear and I just realized today, that the thief who broke into his car the other day, stole his tissue and tissue box also wtf. What's wrong with the society wtf tissue also want to steal.

So I bought that for him (:

And I bought mineral water too why?

Simple, because it comes with a FREE(note the word FREE) keychain. Carmen, Alex, Kelvin and I all bought one each. All in different colors and obviously mine is pink.

Gimmicks they have nowadays.

I also bought some useless self grooming things and..

Giant CHocky sticks.

Hahaahahaa. Which I promised to treat my homies to on Tuesday in school. GIANT PINK STICKS WTF! Nope it doesn't sound wrong at all.

Oh by the way, my period came for the 4th time today, in 65 days time. Crazy, which girl has period for 4 times in 65 days I ask you? No wonder my mood swings are also crazy.

I'm sorry b, am just not in a very good mood. Still syg you (:

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  1. err .. i duno if tis a good idea .. but .. if u dun intend to get back the similar fon .. mind selling me or anyhow tat fon charger? mine just crashed!! today! in the offis!!!
    i dun wana get a pirated 1 :(

  2. hahaa ok how much do u wanna buy it for? & how r we gona meet up ._.

  3. lol .. tat one can be arranged la ...
    i duno man ..
    gib cheap cheap la :P
    i wont ask u to present it to me tho
    but why dun u give me a price :P

  4. err .. why dun u leave me ur msn and we talk there :P

  5. hahaa sure sure candilicious.baby@hotmail.com


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