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A picture from Saturday. I like my hair like this, only sometimes. Our school Leo IU Night and my birthday fell on the same day, 12th Apr...

A picture from Saturday. I like my hair like this, only sometimes.

Our school Leo IU Night and my birthday fell on the same day, 12th April, that is. I had a great one this year, spent around people I love and all. Thanks a lot for the many wishes, dedications and presents.

Thanks baby for the Roxy merchandise, voucher and the many many celebrations(count of mini birthday celebration: countless)
Thanks Carmen for the Hello Kitty and many sweet things you did for me, on your IU night itself.
Thanks Yang for calling me all the way from NZ and the video on Facebook.
Thanks all Leo BOD members and also the emcees for the cake and surprise.
Thanks Yan Chi and Elaine for the naughty little surprise.
Thanks Tzia and Chelle for the Skin Food present.
Thanks Debbie and Kee Wei for the cute little pair of socks.
Thanks shu ying, ru wen, weiminn, mon, Adele, Jiazu, rae, anonymous, Gordon, Michellewong, Shawn, green, hihi, Min, lydiaaa, eklern, kok hong, gracekee, yivonne and all others that wished me in my tagboard.
Thanks to the people who were present on IU night that wished me.
Thanks to the 60++ people who wished me on Facebook.
Thanks to the 15++ people who wished me through phone.

Last but not least,

Thanks mommy for giving birth to me (and yes, the angpow heehee)

I'm one very happy girl weeee.

Some updates on Leo IU. We, the BOD members went to the place as early as 7.30 in the morning when the event only starts at 3. See how hardworking we are sometimes? I didn't take much pictures though because I was running around most of the time.

As you all know, the theme of our IU this year is ROME.

Saw that ugly backdrop I did? HAHA. And that's my baby performing! The name Dear Daniel is actually um, Hello Kitty's boyfriend wtf.

My love Cheong Carmen, the IU Director.

Shermaine the gorgeous, finally, after so long of not seeing her.

Azlan, stop calling me indian wtf. First rempit, now indian???

Eugene looking good in toga. I somehow miraculously won best dressed in that cincai punya dress.

My strong and handsome Romanian bodyguards.

This was the last bit of the cake that the BOD members got me! Thanks Carmen for picking Hello Kitty lol.

Kee Wei came to perform. Yes this is how my hair looked like after event.

As usual, the dance floor was successful.

This year however, there were more stolen items. I feel sorry for those who lost something on that day but there is really nothing we could do. Remember to guard your belongings properly people.

Went for coffee and cake at Starbucks.

And speaking of Starbucks, I had it three times today because I wanted the free drink. There, the card thingie which you have to get 8 chops or something in order to redeem a free drink. TODAY WAS THE DEADLINE, which was why I had 3 cups today. Actually I redeemed four cards in total, in 2 months time.

8x4=32 (4 cards multiplied by 8 cups)
32+3=35 (plus 4 free drinks)
35/2=17.5(divided by 2 months)

Which means I have an average of 17.5 cups of Starbucks per month. Which makes that around 4 cups per week.

No wonder I'm pretty broke.

OMG I FEEL SO MOU LIU. Shall just go and sleep now, bye (:

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