'cos you're hot and you're cold

Maxis Music Bash @ Maison Guess who I went as?? I know I did a post on Vanessa Hudgens but in the end I realize there's really nothin...

Maxis Music Bash @ Maison

Guess who I went as?? I know I did a post on Vanessa Hudgens but in the end I realize there's really nothing much to be imitated about her, so I went as....

Katy Perry from Hot and Cold's bride scene instead.

'cos you're hot and you're cold, you're yes and you're no.. (I'm going to annoy all of you with this sentence whole day haaha)

As usual, B fetched me there along with Chelle and Tzia. Long way there and we arrived on time(half an hour late, which according to Malaysian timing its on time) surprisingly. Was rather disappointed because only a few people put effort into their celebrity impersonation. I was actually hoping to see a cricus there huahhuah.

Okay lets get the pictures rolling starting off with..

Katy Perry and Leah Dizon(oi Leah Dizon why looking at your own camera)

which are actually, and OBVIOUSLY myself and Tzia.

Chelle, who was imitating the celebrity Michelle Lee Tzuann Ee.

All three together. Must always start off with the ones closest to me one right?

This is how the place looked like, some time before the event started.

KY and others making a music video.

The Holograms, lol their dressing very kua jiong right? I like (:

Anyone up for some free hugs??

The event kicked start with some ice breaking games. The emcee was awesome lah, I love the way he zat people lol.

Timothy Tiah, co-founder of Nuffnang, giving his speech.

Many familiar faces there that night, was actually surprised to see some of them. And you won't be able to guess how many Katy Perry's were there as well.

Isabella the other Katy Perry with bright red lipstick. (Katy Perry count: 2)

Samie joined in, which made that.. (Katy Perry count: 3)

From left, Samie, Isabella, myself and Jamie Chin. (Katy Perry count: 4)

Oh no it doesn't stop there, I saw more Katy Perry's but didn't take photos of them oops (:

There were special performances from the Nuffies and several contests which gave the crowd chances to win Topshop vouchers, AX belts, sunglasses and even bigger prizes for awards.

Nuffies' performance.

The crowd snapping away.

Best impersonator competition. From left, Pink, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Eminem, Bob Marley, the emcee and John Lennon!!


Winners take home PS3, Nokia phone(my phone), Ipod Touch, gold class tickets, drumsticks and.... also a broom.

More people:

"Dr" Tan Yee Hou


KY/beach boy




Mirror shot, with hopeless lighting.

Audrey, looking effortlessly cute as usual.

Stephanie as Nicole Scherzinger.

Group picture. The pretty one in teal is Jim's sister Jessie.

There there, I think I'm done. My internet connection is testing my patience. Took me one hour to upload 4 miserable pictures T_T

Thanks a lot Maxis and Nuffnang!

Katy Perry(wannabe) took off her fake lashes and now signing off.

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  1. I found my fav katy perry of the night ^^

  2. (Jolyn) omg ur d one who went as pink right?? ur outfit was gorgeous! :D

    (tvbtorrent) thankyou :)


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