A Day At The Mall With My Lumix G1

On the 28th of March, I was invited to attend the Panasonic Revolution 09 at Sunway Pyramid along with 4 other bloggers. Audrey Pamela...

On the 28th of March, I was invited to attend the Panasonic Revolution 09 at Sunway Pyramid along with 4 other bloggers.

Last but not least, Tzia

Upon arriving, Panasonic gave us complimentary jackets from Puma which has our very own bloglinks printed on it. Each of us was also given the responsibility to take care of a mouth-watering Lumix G1 camera. Lumix G1 was the “camera of the day”, almost all the photos from that day was taken with this particular camera.

Happy faces of first timers with almost DSLR cameras.

Before we were tourguided around Panasonic areas, we were all provided with free breakfast from Subway! Yay for food (:

Main Concourse area which features the NEO plasma display panel, SD link corners, latest plasmas and LCD lineups and the count the amount of Eco Bulbs and Evolta Batteries Contest(the KLCC and pyramid).

As you can see, Panasonic launched their 150 inch Plasma display panel, yes you heard that right, 150 inch. Its like having theatre display in your very own home, now beat that.

Yup, this is a tv indeed.

Orange Concourse area: Digital Imaging and Business Systems

This was where the cameras were all displayed along with many interesting activities and competitions. So this was more or less like our HQ, lol.

A very cool underwater camera, displayed live in a huge aquarium.

Here’s where the biggest star of the day comes in,

Lumix G1 professional friendly camera, from the Lumix range which is one of the top selling camera in Japan.

A demonstration and short brief on the camera.

This pretty gadget is the perfect camera for a person who wants to capture great images but with less hassle. It functions more or less like a professional DSLR camera but it is much simpler to use, no need for many times of lens changing as well. Perfect for lazy and a person who is completely clueless about DSLRs like me right? Okay so who wants to buy this for me??

Blue Concourse area, the heaven for all ladies and housewives for it is the place for display and product demonstrations from Panasonic Appliances and Health & Beauty range.

The girls paying full attention to the products.

The main reason we were there that day was actually to take part in the “A Day At The Mall With My Lumix G1” competition. Very “Amazing Race” like, we were given 15 tasks/riddles to complete by capturing our answers on the G1 camera. Oh trust me, it wasn’t as easy at all, not as easy as it sounds.

We had to literally RUN around the whole Pyramid area, and even outside, trying to complete all sort of tasks on time. Some of the riddles took forever to solve.

Told you we had outdoor tasks. Running to Sunway Hotel under the afternoon sun is a good workout.

The iA Man mascot, which appeared only few minutes before time’s up and took all of us a very long time to locate him.

Luckily for us, we had game marshalls who helped us by carrying tripods, giving tasks to us, running along with us and everything else.

The sweet game marshall of mine and myself after completing all the tasks. He has great stamina yall! He was able to keep up with all that running around even with the presence of a tripod and papers in his hands!

Also, the others who helped out a lot throughout the whole competition and event. Awesome bunch of people here.

After the competition, the first thing we had to do was EAT. We were taken to a japanese restaurant for lunch, that was like music to our stomaches. And for avid jap food lover like Audrey, this is even more like a blessing from god.

Nom nom nom I love salmon.

Overjoyed bloggers.

Tzia and Kelvin the photographer.

My everything, I LOVE DESSERTS. More than anything else, yeah (:

Happy girl with her strawberry, weee.

Tzia and I.

After lunch, it was back to the event again. Now we had to select out our pictures and they will be judged, and obviously, a winner will be chosen.

Oh, did I mention that the winner gets a Lumix G1 as the grand prize? YES!!

Selecting pictures from our memory cards.

Eventually, the winner of the competition turned out to be….

Pamela! Who took really great photos and congratulations babe ;)

Nevertheless, the rest of us also received goodie bags from Panasonic. And you know what’s the best thing of all?

I enjoyed myself a lot, thanks to Panasonic.

Many many thanks to the ones who made this possible! Thank you (:

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  1. Darn it, you got me lusting after the dessert again. -_- Bila mau berexchanging pichas?


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