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The "HAPPY" pose. Today was rather productive for me. I started off the day by washing the new house (shifting soon). Spent hour...

The "HAPPY" pose.

Today was rather productive for me.

I started off the day by washing the new house(shifting soon). Spent hours just cleaning the cabinets in my room and dad painted the walls pink for me. Then I went home myself, leaving the rest of my family still cleaning there HAHA because.. I hate cleaning okay.

Followed baby to rehearsal later and lost my Bio book in the process. Fantastic right, Queen of Losing Things once again proved her superskills.

Also, I visited Yuki at her new home! Glad to see that she's happy there :) (Jingle just had 16 failed attempts of trying to jump on the coach. 17. Still failed. 18. Okay she gave up.)

I'm busy and down with flu once again.

(school rant begins here)

I'm going to have to re-dye my so-called colored hair. What idiotic system. My hair was unchanged since beginning of the year and only now they want to accuse me with colored hair. I shall refrain myself from calling those people in green, dogs.

AND GOSH I'M IN THE MOOD TO RANT ABOUT MY MUCH HATED SCHOOL. What kind of stupid school waste time and paper by sending warning letters to almost every students every few months or so. I myself received 3 already. Just 1 more to be expelled.

AND WHAT'S WORSE IS. They didn't even notify us that 3 of our school students are sort of infected with the influenza!!!

Dr Mohd Ismail said 24 students with ILI symptoms at Sekolah Menengah Sains Matang had been quarantined and the school was closed until July 23 while Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seafield Subang Jaya was closed since Wednesday after three of its students were down with the ILI.

BULLSHIT. Never close down also.

I shall refrain myself from yelling "I SUE YOU!!! I SUE YOU!!!!" like a crazy b*tch.

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