I believe every school has a marching band and a cheerleading team. They are something we, students are passionate about. Take my own school...

I believe every school has a marching band and a cheerleading team. They are something we, students are passionate about. Take my own school for instance; we have a very disciplined marching band, SSB and a rather successful cheerleading team, Vulcanz.


Vulcanz All-Girls

I myself was involved in cheerleading for quite some time and it made me understand a few things. Every team, marching band or cheer, goes through endless hardcore practices and spends a huge amount of time to perfect their choreography and routine. All these to just bring some pride to the team.

So instead of wasting all these effort by remaining discreet, why not take part in various competitions and contests in hope of gaining a title from it? If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Isn’t it all so true?

Now, here’s another great opportunity for all school marching bands and cheerleading teams to unleash their talent. The S.O.X. ALL-STARS MARCH & CHEER is finally, finally here!!

There will be a massive School Tour to 250 schools in Peninsular Malaysia in order to promote and attract entries. You can download the forms here to register your team.

Closing date is quickly approaching, 5th August 2009 , so make sure you submit your entries to soxallstars@xpax.com.my or 03-7805 4598(fax) fast! Another important point, this competition is only open to S.O.X. members so if you’re not one yet, you know what to do.

And in case if you’re wondering what’s there to gain from this competition besides fame and glory…

Can’t wait? Look out for the School Tour and make sure you don’t miss them at your own school! Check their schedule out at this site. You can also obtain more information from there.

So, you’ve already got a great team. Now all you need to do is to be an S.O.X. member, sign your team up and win big time! And make sure you do that quick which is before 5th August 2009 in order not to miss this great opportunity. That’s right teams, keep the spirit up!

The championship falls on 15 August 2009 at Stadium Badminton Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. Even if you’re not officially taking part in the competition, you CAN BE THERE! Supporters and non-supporters alike, make sure you’re there to witness all that action. And if you really want your favorite teams to win, don’t forget to VOTE VOTE VOTE AND VOTE (within 10-15 August).

It is going to be as exciting as any other cheer/march competition, but only better. Look who will be performing on that day as well!

EMAS(Extreme All-Stars). I've seen them perform before, awesomeness.

Caprice!! Yup! "Girls, around the world", are you ready?

White Percussionist (I’m guessing that this is a marching band all dressed in white?), Pesawat, Liyana Jasmay, One Nation MC and many others will also be performing so no worries that you’ll be bored for even one second.

Not the type who can stand sitting around for long? Good news! There will also plenty of interesting activities where you can take part in.

*inhales deeply

Guys, want to try cheering with props for a bit? Girls, it’s time to show off your drumming skills! Interested in dunking a celebrity on a Dunkin Machine? Or just want to try out some face painting and “tattooing”?


Won't want to miss all the fun, right? (:

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