S.O.X. All Stars Competition Day

On a Saturday in the past few weeks itself, right after my exams I headed down to Stadium Badminton Cheras. Guess what event was held on tha...

On a Saturday in the past few weeks itself, right after my exams I headed down to Stadium Badminton Cheras. Guess what event was held on that day? Non other than S.O.X. All Stars Cheer and March competition of course! Though I may not attended the whole event due to my exams, I still had to experience how it was like and if I’m lucky I might even catch a few performances.

Outside the stadium was a massive bazaar, selling food, drinks and other merchandise. There were also game stands as promised!

Free sim packs??

Face painting.

Video games! Fancy a round of Guitar Hero?

Celebrity Dunk. Pity the ones being dunked, no?

I would have stayed for a few rounds of game outside if I wasn’t all so eager to head in to the stadium. But heading in there wasn’t such a bad move either. The inside is even better than the outside.

They had temperature scans on everyone that’s heading indoors due to the disease outbreak lately.

The crowd was big inside, considering it was the break and performance time.

Performance by One Nation MC. They got the crowd pumped up. Everyone was making their way to the front of the stage to bust a few moves.

Gerhana Skacinta. Anyone who’s unaware of who they are? I doubt so. They too had a great performance, making the whole stadium concert-like.

We watched everything from the upper seats since he seats downstairs were all occupied.

Later they had a few games for the contestants. One of the captivating one was this “dance showdown” thing held for the cheerleaders. They got representatives from a few cheer teams to battle it off.

The girls danced it off.

A superb toe touch from one of the male cheerleader.

And is tackled by a handstand from another contestant.

This battle went on with upbeat music and cheering from the crowd until they selected a winner. That was one awesome one.

As I was starting to wonder where had all the march bands went, I saw they marching into the stadium all disciplined and organized. Oh the difference between cheer teams and marching bands.

The bands getting into lines.

The ones in black are from SMK Tinggi Klang, Selangor. The ones in orange, you can catch a glimpse of them on the right to the black band, are from SMK (P) Sultan Ibrahim all the way from Johore.

The cheerleaders are all so spread out that I couldn’t get a picture of one whole team. Except for this though, team Dazzle from SMK (P) Jln Pudu, KL.

Shortly after the bands got into formation, they had their prize giving ceremony. Here’s the moment everyone’s been waiting for.

March band from SMK La Salle Klang bagged the third place in march category. They’re possibly the youngest marching band present there.


March category
1st - SMK (P) Sultan Ibrahim
2nd - SMK Tinggi Klang
3rd - SMK La Salle Klang
Best dressed - SMK (P) Sultan Ibrahim
Best drum major - SMK Tinggi Klang

Cheer category

1st – Pirates from SMK Cochrane
2nd - Vibrant from SMK Puteri Titiwangsa
3rd – Z’erox from SMK Seksyen 1
Best dressed - Dazzle from SMK (P) Jln Pudu
Best cheer captain - Vibrant from SMK Puteri Titiwangsa

The champions did their routines once again, I’m sure the videos will be up soon. For those who didn’t manage to attend, don’t miss the awesome videos!

The event came to an end after a long long day. Eventhough this event was a first-time by S.O.X., I would say that it was a major success! If they ever organize this again, make sure to get involved!

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