PeeDee Pt.1

Flip-flops? Checked. BBQ set and food? Checked. Booze? Checked. Cards and games? Checked. Yes we're all set to head down to PEEDEE!...

Flip-flops? Checked. BBQ set and food? Checked. Booze? Checked. Cards and games? Checked.

Yes we're all set to head down to PEEDEE! (Port Dickson btw if you really have no idea)

The first car consisting of Adrian, Aun Hoong, baby, myself and Bernard as the driver took off on a sunny Friday afternoon.That's 5 in total and we had trouble fitting everything in the car. First car because there were going to be others joining us later.

(Oh and if you noticed, I named this Part 1 because there are just too many pictures and stories so I doubt that they'll be appreciated if I fit all of them into one post. Thus, I'm breaking them down to parts! You know, exactly like those typical episode-by-episode Chinese dramas except mine is WAYY shorter. More like Twilight series in fact. Or less.)

The journey was smooth, without complications whatsoever and we finally arrived at Bernard's place. It's a condominium called.. Bayu? Sebayu? Bayu Laut? Pulau Bayu? I really have no idea, more like forgotten but we'll just call it Bernard's place starting now.

The living room, which was used for all sorts of nonsense.

Here's the bathroom, was quite clean but cockroaches pay visits from time to time. Didn't bother me much but to some of the guys.. . . .

The beach was right behind this place, convenient. There's also a mall(more on the mall later) 3 minutes drive away, even more convenient.

And when it came to setting up food and all,

Guess who were the chefs for the day:

From washing

To slicing

To frying

The guys did them all! Rather successfully in fact. But uh..

These 2 seemed to have too much fun marinating the fishes, lol.

Some time after, Bernard, baby and myself went to the mall to get some drinks and ice. Oh wait, "mall". It's called POLYMALL and all it had was a secondhand clothing shop, a few dobbies and mamaks, and the most importantly 7-Eleven. Really! We were all just thankful enough for the 7-Eleven.

Oh guess what time we headed to the beach?
5 something.

Yes when the sun was still burning hot, because Aun Hoong wanted to get a tan. Since we were all quite looking forward to the beach, so to the beach we went. At 5 something. Okay fine maybe approaching 6 but still, 5 something.

Can you smell the sea yet?

Alright, here we are!

See how hot it was?

The beach actually looked alright, not too awfully dirty and stuff. Plus, it was low tide, even better.

I made the guys jump for pictures. (Eventhough this looks more like... wtf nevermind)

After around 6 rounds of jump attempts, we've finally got a few acceptable pictures.

Fun, slippery rocks.

3 black figurines. (You'll notice that we took plenty of this kind)

Scorching hot, but really pretty.

It's a rock! It's a stone! Oh wait, it's just Aun Hoong.

And that's someone way more MUSCULAR than he is. Oh yes :)

Baby's shadow(yes only the shadow) is the tallest among all, BANGGA ah.

And now I have no idea what they were trying to do to my shadow.

Shadow extension wtf. RM18 for 5 minutes thankyou.

Someone's pregnant? Gasp!

Suntanning, but really I'm dark enough.

Emo caught in action.


Still watching the sun. (All trying to look candid but trust me, it wasn't at all candid)

TAKE FIVE! OMG. I'm so tired of captioning, not to mention in the middle of the night. Thank goodness this post is coming to an end. Now you really should thank me for my Part 1, Part 2, etc decision huh? I know how your eyes can hurt.

Anyway, we were at?

Now this could've been a better sunset minus the clouds.

Finally, our job here is done.

And here comes the moon, spot it.

We left the beach just when Wei Liang's car arrived. We went for a mamak and shortly after, Kevin and Thurai arrived as well. And that makes everyone for the night and another day to come.

And of course, that's it for now.

Ahhh, the feeling of having sand in my feet.

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