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Ever dreamt of owning an oil company? Don’t be surprised if I tell you now that, most of us can actually do so! Like me, All I have to do ...

Ever dreamt of owning an oil company? Don’t be surprised if I tell you now that, most of us can actually do so!

Like me,

All I have to do is just collect the oil from my face every few hours or so.

Now you can have that smart idea of mine. For me, I’d rather have flawless, matte looking skin. Seriously, no one likes it when your face reflects the light from the camera flash right? It makes you look as if you’ve been deserted in an island for weeks.

That is the problem with teenagers especially, our faces are constantly oily and no matter how many oil absorbing sheets you use, the oil will just come back! Even more frustrating when our faces start getting oily 5 minutes after you wash them!

If like that, might as well forever steer clear of outdoors activity and carry a cleanser around 24/7.

I understand your feeling, which is why I’m going to share with you the secret of not having oily skin for once and for all.

The all new Oil Control + whitening range by Follow Me!

If you use this range, confirm your oil factory dream gone lah, but hey for beauty why not??

In addition to that, they also have Pimple gel and Blackhead remover for occasional breakouts.

Which is what I needed exactly! My skin may seem alright from far but really, my nose is like a blackhead habitat and nobody can really escape from pimples, don’t you think?

The results? Clear matte skin of course. This was taken 10 minutes after I clean, tone and moisturize my skin. Miraculous no?? And I promise you this picture is photoshop-free! Well, except for some contrast adjustment (:

If you haven’t try out this range yet, now is the perfect time to do so.


Because, not only you’ll get perfect skin, you’ll also stand a chance to win fabulous prizes and to become a Cover Girl!

COVER GIRL okay mind that, which is like a tiny step into stardom.

Saw the prizes offered? That means, you’ll have yourself guaranteed flawless face all year long + looking very tech savvy with the new phone + you’ll have your face printed on a magazine cover and Follow Me advertisements!


That is, if you win of course. In order to stand a chance win, you’ll have to follow the few simple steps below.

1. Purchase RM20 and above of Follow Me Oil Control products at any participating outlet.
2. Snap a “funny” and creative photo of yourself and your much loved Follow Me Oil Control product. For example:

Truly happy with my Follow Me Oil Control!

The love of my life ♥

It makes me go wild!

Okay I know I’m not exactly the most creative person here -.- I’m sure many can do better, so hurry and go try lah!

3. Finally, scan or take a picture of the receipt as proof of purchase.

You can either:
- MMS/email it along with your picture to oc@tohtonku.com.my
- OR post to: FOLLOW ME Funny Foto Model Search, 10 Jalan TP2, Taman Perindustrian UEP Subang Jaya, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.

Follow Me?

Of course everyone will follow ME when I have great skin! Why don’t you follow ME too? (:

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