Starstruck! (AAR)

On the way to AAR's concert. The concert supposingly start at 6 but we went there around 3 plus to get a good place. Thought it woul...

On the way to AAR's concert.

The concert supposingly start at 6 but we went there around 3 plus to get a good place. Thought it wouldn't be a problem but..

Are you freaking kidding me? So many people lining up at this hour?? Crazy hot weather and yet there they are.

Anyhow the guys took turn to line up so.. it wasn't so bad for me. But still, the heat was intense. Sigh, baby warned me about all the sun, sweat and everything else before. Outdoor concert right, what can I expect and plus, it's free.

Ken Yee sedang pangsai.

I went to join the line too in the end.

That is the line. Can you guess where it ends? (Btw, picture taken by the very tall Ken Yee. I can't possibly get this view myself.)

Group picture take #1 (Again, self taken by Ken Yee's long arms)

Take #2, we found someone to take it for us.

Trick question: How many of us in this picture?

Choy Leng joined us ;)

All hell broke lose when it was time to enter the gate. Everyone was squashed like Big Mac and we only move like, one inch every minute! Breathing difficulties are normal too in that situation. Crazy shizz, all we can do was to just assure self that it's worth it.

And after what it felt like 3 hours(okay fine maybe it was just an hour or so), we finally got in. I went to collect my Meet & Greet pass right away.

Then it was time for us to..

Swim through the crowd to look for the rest of them T_T

Waiting for AAR's appearance with dulan faces.

Aun Hoong's big head.

Local bands aside, we conserved all our energy for AAR. And when AAR appeared.. everyone went crazy! Alright so all that sweat and pain was worth it after all.

The All-American Rejects.

If you missed it you can always watch the whole thing on If I'm not wrong it'll be shown on Thursday?

Click for much bigger view, seriously.

All that was left to do was to meet them and we can finally leave.

First and foremost there will not be any pictures of Tyson because he was hogged by too many people and besides, did I mention that I'm not an avid fan? That's right but anyhow, I find the lead guitarist really really cute. I thought he was Mike but turns out he's Nick. Mike was the other guitarist.

We had an official photoshoot and I stood in between Mike and Chris!

"You guys are tall."
"Well, I'm 5 foot 10* *flexes muscles and raises eyebrows*

Conversation between Chris and I, lol!

I hate myself for accidentally zoomed in for this one. *bangs head on keyboard* But anyway, a quarter of Mike and half of Chris.

That's Chris.

And my favorite for the night?.. Nick of course eventhough I called him Mike but he was still SWEET!

Nick! ♥♥♥

Oh yes his face was touching mine and I'm not going to wash my face ever again.


Tyson was really nice too I felt bad for not taking a picture with him. You know what, they all have great personalities. They did awesome at their live perfomance and that's why I just might like AAR a little more now!

And there, the night ends.

Stuffed myself with onion rings, fries and waffle at A&W with the rest, then head back, slept like a log all the way till noon.

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