Yup, believe it or not. I'm not in the right mood so I'll leave it just like that.


Watching Bulan Baru a.k.a. sparkly vampires movie today and here are some pictures from fuckyeahtwilightsucks.

Kanye pwned.

Kill the spare. (How can you not relate Twilight with Harry Potter haahaha)

Oh sorry for those who didn't get it. Either you've been living in the toilet for your entire life and never heard of Twilight or you're just an avid Twilight fan.

I don't despise Twilight by the way, I just find the images funny. And I'm also not a fan.
You've been warned.

Another casual Saturday but this time with a new camera. Not mine, but baby's. So yeah, I "tested it out" and you shall see.

Baby played with it for some time at my place and the results,

My adorable Jingle!!

Even more adorable here with her wtf expression, lol.

Myself, and more to come.


Went over to Summit because I needed to get some stuffs. The initial plan for today was to study at least a little..

I tried.

But I gave in to my Saturday mood after completing one miserable question. You see, it really wasn't my fault. Blame it on the weekends.

We loitered around until Ernest called. He came over to buy a revision book(study mode: ON!!!) and we proceeded to Pyramid for dinner.

Along with Chelle and Adrian.

Really wasn't my day today, mood swing day. Sugar rush, PMS, sugar rush, PMS *smacks forehead*.

This time, blame it on exam stress.

Exam stress gives me pimples! (thank god for fringe)

Less than 3 more weeks to go!

I have more surprises to come. Will update on that soonish! (:
I don't have to carry my own camera out anymore!

I'm surrounded by photographers with bigass DSLR's! First Aun Hoong and Adrian, now baby got his and Chelle's getting one too!


No don't look at me because I'm not getting anything until SPM results come out.

Anyway, went out with the all the ones mentioned above last night. I brought my camera.... but, I don't even have to use it *donut compact camera feels inferior ):*

All pictures below taken from Aun Hoong and he took some really awesome shots! Some became my favorites, thanks Hoong!

Foos after makan,

with the other couple.

And something must be really wrong about us that night, we all had really twisted expressions.

To begin with,

Pure candid wtf face.

NERD face hahaahaha.

I'm-a-bird face.

I'm-a-cuter-bird face.

Sadly Aun Hoong's face wasn't there for he was too busy snapping shots.

Later, migrated to Adrian's place..

Bigass mirror!

War of the metal hoops:

The pout approach.

The retarded aproach hahahaahaha.

Alright it's obvious that retardiness pwned.

Hahaahaha too adorable. She'd make a great chef.

This pair.. they're preparing for some cannonball stuff wtf lol. (And look! The only shot with Aun Hoong in it!)

Walks outside.

The two guys went around for some photography and the rest of us..

Was supposed to go swimming with the couple and Ernest today but had to ffk(sorry!), thanks to period. WHY NOW! Totally ruined my mood for everything, including studying. And oh I can't wait for all that exciting(omg I almost forgotten how to spell exciting) pain I'll be facing in the exam hall.

Choi, fingers crossed.

Bloody period(pun not intended, or not hahaa) better be gone by then.

Blogger on hiatus until further notice!

You saw that coming didn't you :)

Just 2 more weeks, hang in there SPM/STPM-ers!
I seee you.

This is a quick and random one. My Saturday was Starbucks, home movies and Pappa Rich with the rest. The rest meaning baby, Aun Hoong, Jin Ee, Wei Liang, Ken Yee, Adrian and Chelle.

Since Adrian and Aun Hoong recently got their DSLR, heeheeeheh.

I know right, I'm strong! *coughs (I don't think I'll ever get myself a DSLR because.. it's just too heavy T_T)

Camwhore pun susah tau! T_T

Ripcurl, Ipanema's, Billabong and.. random sandal lol. Guess whose!

Off to bed now because I have a long day tomorrow, seminar wtf! On a Sunday yes, sad! No CSI marathon for me, sighers ):
Let me tell you a story I know.

There was once 4 little misses, each with very different personalities. They have absolutely nothing in common and they each long for very different things.

This is a story about them and their most wanted treats.
Tell them, little misses, what exactly do you consider as your treat?


This is Miss "Sweet" and she asks for nothing else but ice cream. She's an avid ice cream lover and she often fantasize about living in an ice cream land,

like this.

Miss "Sexy", however, has bigger dreams and wants to look smoking hot in a Mini Cooper S.

I suppose she fell in love with this one when she saw it in a showroom.

Little Miss "Kiddy" is not exactly as childish as she seemed to be.

She loves exploring and having fun at lovely places.

She's waiting for that special day to come, when she can pack her bags and travel around the world to places like, let's see..


Now, now, who do we have here? Miss "Emo" apparently is a caffeine addict and nothing seems more enjoyable to her than a huge cup of coffee.

As you can see, she can even smile when it comes to coffee.

Indeed, these 4 have very different definition of "treat". BUT WAIT!

There is ONE thing they have in common. They have one treat in common that they long for. The one treat that all of them want desperately, despite their different personalities.

Alright, altogether now..

Miss "Sweet": "So yummy looking I might just sink my teeth into it!"
Miss "Sexy": "It definitely raises the hot factor. Just wait till you see me step out of my gorgeous ride with it."
Miss "Kiddy": "A perfect travel companion. I can even live blog! Hooray!"
Miss "Emo": "Coffee. Movies. Music. Internet. Coffee."

They worship Dell Inspiron 13 so much that they came up with a video specially dedicated to it. They certainly hope that you'll enjoy it!


"The Lollipop Song"
-performed by all the 4 misses, and a bonus someone.
-inspiration from Dell Inspiron 13.


What you've just witnessed is only half fictional because.. Those are actually my own Top 5 Treats. To summarize them all,

1. Endless supply of ice cream
2. Mini Cooper S
3. Travelling around the world
4. Coffee (Yes, simple as that)
5. Dell Inspiron 13

Number 1 - 4 are self explanatory as you can see. But why number 5, Dell Inspiron 13?

First of all, allow me to clarify. I've never had a laptop before in my life(that's just sad, I know). My brother does, but all I have is a desktop. MY desktop, to be exact.

I remember buying it with my own money. That's right, I saved up for a desktop of my own when I was 12 or 13 if I'm not wrong.

Desktop of my choice back then was,

Dell Dimension 5150.

And it was proven to be the right choice because it's still working perfectly fine until today! Which is why Dell has successfully gained my trust.

That is one major treat I had given myself and will never regret.

But now that I'm stepping into college life, I need something portable, reliable, functional and stylish at the same time. Here's when the Dell Inspiron 13 comes into picture!


But why Dell Inspiron 13?

which means I no longer have to just watch and not be watched when I'm having conversations on MSN.

This pathetic scenario won't happen again when I the proud owner of that darling Dell Inspiron 13!

You don't have to always be big to do better! Thank goodness for the 13 inches because I won't have the energy to carry something bigger and heavier everywhere for the whole day.

With it's HD and perfect resolution, browsing experience would be phenomenal. I think it'll make me look better too, heehee.

Dang right "Designed to Inspired"! Just look at what it inspired me to come up with, even before I lay my hands on it!


Okay don't say I never share all the good things with you people. So happened that Miss "Emo" was walking with her head down as usual one day and she found a special message on the floor.


It's actually a special coupon code from Dell that would allow anyone who makes purchase of a Dell Inspiron 13 (S510701MY) with RM100 Instant Cash Redemption!! This promotion is only available online or by calling Dell at 1800-88-0301. This coupon code expires on 10 Nov 2009.

7ZQVQF2RLZRKW3 is the code to remember!