We're going on a trip!

Actually, we're back from the trip. It was actually a family trip but bb came along and that made everything better!


We stopped by my grandmama's place and met up with the relatives. My grandmama, godmama, 2 aunties and millions of little cousins were coming along as well.

Then we all headed to Bagan Lalang, the beach. No actually, we settled down at a house we rented from another relative. The house was just less than 10 minutes drive away from the beach.

Jingle explored the house.

Until she got tired.

It was all eat and sleep in the house while we wait for the weather to be less sunny. Like seriously eat and sleep! I ate so much that I almost can't sleep. We waited till evening and..

Off to the beach!

Guess who's coming along? Oh you got that right.

My grandmama and Jingle. Adorable! Both of them heehee.

Oh the sun. No lah actually I kept my shades on because I look horrible, happy?

They're coming for me, they're coming for me. Omg the annoying cousins!

Stuck in a mudtrap. Yes this is not the sea yet, just really scary mudtraps.

The cousins rescued me!

We're awesome people and we jump awesome.

"Want to go for a dip in the sea?"

"You're on!"

Returned from the sea to spend some time with the loves.

The second love. Lazybutt got tired fast!

"What're you looking at?"

Mumi and the cute thing.

"Oh you love me don't you?"

Now for some shadow action..

Stiff leg.

50% there. Damn the right side of my body, the retarded side.

The beach makes you want to fly!

Shadow fun (:

The 'e' is ruined, thanks to me hahaa. It wasn't easy being an 'e' okay!

The sun was setting and we prepared to return back to the house. I was all sticky and sweaty eeks. So tired that I might just float and fall asleep in the sea. 

I'm wrapping up this post because it's getting too long. The second part will be done, soonish. Need to rest my eyes after going through so many pictures!

If you leave me in the car alone for too long. 

Scheduled post because, I'm still away. Coming home tomorrow! :)


Not exactly an update, this was from weeks ago. A trip to Putrajaya because fellow DSLR-ers wanted nice photos of the botanical garden. We were there too late and weren't allowed to enter so we dropped by Alamanda instead.

Ghastly looking because I was sick.(am still sick now)

My refuge!

Here come really random pictures from weeks ago which I didn't manage to squeeze in earlier.

At my refuge again, healthier this time.

Because I have my peanut butter sandwich cookie om nom nom!

Yes om nomnomnomzers I'll be omnomnoming more for the next couple of days. OMNOMZ!

*excuse that, blogger's not well. (in the head?)

To be completely honest, I still have a few pending posts including the tong yuen post and .. other stuffs. Oh man.
Before the Christmas spirit disappears, here's one Christmas related post. My Christmas presents!!

I'm not a Christian nor do I celebrate Christmas but I do have Christmas presents, hee.

I believe this needs no introduction?

From Ernie, for us to wear on Christmas day itself.

From that lovely babe, Tzia. Thoughtful! Lol.

Botox from Yang. Loljk they're just chocolates (:

From.. as you can see (:

Leen gave me loads of puddings just now. Considered as a Christmas present too? Yums.

Alright so Christmas is over, New Year is approaching. I'll be spending a few days by the beach next week and I'm so not looking forward to it.

Once again I successfully created a lazy post with a only few pictures. Yay! Excuse: I got to go battle with the sucky phone reception now. I hate cracking voices, they KILL MEH!!


Bought tickets for Alvin and The Chipmunks beforehand. OH YES CHIPMUNKS BABY!

All set for Christmas eve!

A must have everytime to Kim Gary.

Baby's the photographer as usual and.. there will be more of my pictures.

Was busy playing Checkers on phone.

Met up with Adrian, Michelle and their friends later. Wanted to go dinner at Fullhouse but changed our minds.

Dinner at Sakae.

The 'face'.

Adrian did the 'face' too.

There's something on my ear!

The others went for 'Avatar' after dinner while baby and I went chilling at Starbucks. A day isn't complete without Starbucks!

Die die must beat my phone at Checkers.

Now let me show you the many looks I can pull off with this hair.

The hair tucked behind ears look.

The hotel receptionist look.

This is how I'll look like if I'm still attending school.

Middle parting.

Ju On look.

Alvin and The Chipmunks is good! For me at least because I love Theodore soo much. Movie ended around 11 so we went to meet up with the rest again. We all wanted a drink but seeing that it's almost 12, we settled at Ole-Ole Bali.

Way better than mixing with the crowd.

Can't write much right now for I'm out with Ernie at Tarbush. We're both wearing Christmas hats and he's kissing his girlfriend. Her name is Grape Mint Ice flavored shisha lol. So imma leave it here and next up I'll blog about the Christmas gifts I received from my lovelies!

Once again, Merry Christmas.