DiGi Pimp My Day with Swatch, Quiksilver, Celebrity Fitness, Batting Cages, 1 Utama, Nokia and Mardi Gras

Hello people, Digi Dolls here. Oh wait, whaaaa-t? Digi Dolls? In short, it is a pretty looking and awesome group consisting of Shinyee , Tz...

Hello people, Digi Dolls here.

Oh wait, whaaaa-t? Digi Dolls? In short, it is a pretty looking and awesome group consisting of Shinyee, Tzia, Adele and Wai Chun. Oh he's a pretty doll too.

We participated in Digi Pimp My Day Challenge, which is a treasure hunt sort of thing, just yesterday. All the teams including ourselves gathered at Mardi Gras and registered. Oh wow, everyone was dressed in yellow, surprised much?

The dolls.

Waichun was more like our handyman/photographer. That explains the lack of his appearances in pictures.

Oh! Another member of our team. Can you spot IT? (Hint: It's yellow)

The event started around 3pm and we were all given a short brief.

Lots of uploading to do there. Thankfully, every team was provided with a Digi Internet modem.

All teams received "passport" and we were ready to go! Let the hunt begin!

First stop for our team? Celebrity Fitness.

We received instructions and found out that each of us had to complete a 800m run on the treadmill! How very 'clever' of us to choose this as our first task.

God bless us.

But that wasn't entirely a bad thing, time to lose some pounds!

Us doing what we do best while waiting.

Preparing to run.. barefooted.

Run Adele Run!

Exhausted from the task but without wasting no time, we hurried down to our next stop, Quiksilver. Thankfully, the task there was an easy one for us. MODELLING!

We picked out some Quiksilver clothing and posed for the shot.

Final result

This picture was quickly uploaded on Facebook. Thanks to DiGi Internet we can now tag people on Facebook while fast walking in a crowded mall. Anytime, anywhere!

Modelling done and now we get to act in a "commercial". At our Swatch pit stop, we had to make a video of us doing a Digi Internet + Swatch advert.

Adele being the mastermind behind the whole idea of the video.

Our video was spontaneously done and the result was.. let's just say we couldn't bear watching ourselves in it because we shudder like mad everytime we do so. But here it is, please forgive us!!

Our next stop was the Rainforest and it was one of our favorite!

The traditional way of hunting by using the 'sumpit'! RAWR!

It was hell lotta fun! We have the 'orang asli' genes yeahhh. For all you know, we might just migrate to Pandora and fit in easily.

After all that fun we ran to the closest stop, also at the Rainforest. Since we are frequent visitors of One Utama, we found our ways around the Rainforest easily. If it wasn't for the short of time, we would have done plenty of photoshooting there with the trees and all.

Found the stop! We were required to stream a video on a phone on the spot and solve a question.

No problem for us cell phone junkies!

Moving at the speed of light we moved on to a Digi centre, another task awaits.

It was related to Digi Music, thank God we're quite familiar with that, heehee. Just another user friendly and convenient feature from Digi, easy! Completed it quickly as well and checked our list.

We were left with two task, one at the batting cage on the roof and another at Mardi Gras itself. Assuming that we won't have enough time and homerun is simply impossible, we decided to just skip that batting task. Although we regret that now that we heard how fun it was from other teams ):

So we returned to Mardi Gras to complete our last task, ATHLETIC POLE DANCING??? WTF.

We all looked a lot like lost sheeps around the poles. What else can we do right, one of us might break a bone trying to climb up the pole!

We are definitely nothing compared to these professionals. (This was actually a pole dancing performance during the after party.)

So there! That was all for our treasure hunting experience. All that was left to do was just to wait for the other teams to return for the after party.

At the same time we were also supposed to blog about the event and have dinner in Mardi Gras.

Us trying to settle it all while everyone else was having their dinner.

Things didn't go our way.

Damsels in distress.

In the end we had to surrender and go have our meals instead.

All problems aside and welcome to the after party @ Mardi Gras.

It is time to flood this place with our pictures.

Us girls with Jojo Struys, who was the emcee for the night.

With Audrey!

And "Dr. Tan" (Yee Hou)!

That was it! The end of the extremely tiring day. All was in good fun and yes, we had funnn! The being able to go online anytime anywhere with Digi Internet was awesome. Because we don't have to share Wifi with others MUAHAHA and having a modem makes us look super 'yeng'.

Although it failed us at uploading our video to Facebook(video file was too big), but that saved us our faces!

So there! Thank you Digi, Swatch, Quiksilver, Celebrity Fitness, Batting Cages, 1 Utama, Nokia, Mardi Gras and Nuffnang, mwahmwahmwah!

You know you love us, XOXO.

*smacks foreheads

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  1. even you guys lose...your team looks so cool...hehehe

  2. haha, there're always better teams out there. thks btw!


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