I'm busy!

Work robbed all my free time. I'm now tied up to work, sigh. Will find a solution soon because this life, it's definitely not for m...

Work robbed all my free time. I'm now tied up to work, sigh. Will find a solution soon because this life, it's definitely not for me! More time, please?

Anyway here's something from last week or so, when I had lots of time in my hands. Drove to Pyramid to yumcha with Chelle but totally forgotten about the traffic jam at Jalan Kewajipan, stuck there for almost half an hour, ugh!

But there's always something to do when you're stuck in a jam right....?

Like.. you know, maybe take pictures? YES TAKE PICTURES!

Can take your 'uh oh I'm stuck in a jam and I just woke up 20 minutes ago' look, at the same time entertaining other drivers because they'll turn and look at you, maybe thinking, "Wtf traffic jam also can take picture, confirm narcissist."

Can also take picture of your leg just to show the world that you're super fail to have to push the driver seat so front up that your knees are actually touching the dashboard. Sigh why am I so short.

Anyway, after yumcha Chelle and I went for a little window shopping... at Asian Avenue because we love cheap stuffs hohhohohhh. But still cheapest of all not at Asian Avenue. You know where to find? Come I tell you my secret.

Seriously wei, 50% where else to find? We go see shoes also 10% off only. Some more right, the shops all close at 10PM not fun one. Channel X downloads(now 50% DISCOUNT!!!!) are available all day long okay! Music, CMT, games, what also can download with half the price! (Maybe not all lah hehe, applications such as IMX, ZMS, Defender 1.0 cannot. Aww)

So freekin cheap until in Pyramid also must go online with phone to just to download.

Guitar Hero 5 Mobile anyone??

RM3.50 only after 50% discount heeheheeh. Syiok. No need pay RM80.91(after 10% discount) for a pair of shoes. Play Guitar Hero better. HORRR? :)

(Bad quality pictures in this post because.. I don't have a DSLR with me all the time okay and some more I uploaded so many chantek pictures in the previous post, so bear with it! Heehee)

(Okay lah, nicer pictures the next post okay?)

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