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You've probably seen all the pictures below in Tzia's blog , but here I am using them! I got so used to not carrying a camera around...

You've probably seen all the pictures below in Tzia's blog, but here I am using them! I got so used to not carrying a camera around ever since baby became my official paparazzi that my camera's rotting away somewhere in the room.

So yesterday Tzia and I accompanied Jiashin to her photoshoot while eagerly waiting for our dinner. We were starving and thinking of food the whole time!

The hungry ones

The photoshoot ended much later than we thought and we didn't have time to return to Subang for me to change ): Solution? Thanks to Jiashin I changed into one of her outfits, so the white dress and bangles below are actually hers, not mine.

Fred(to be safe I just write Fred because I forgot whether it's Fredrick or Frederick. Haha sorry Tzia!) came to fetch Tzia and I to Hartamas. We were attending the Astro event at Modesto's. Was a last minute plan for me because I didn't receive an invite until the very last minute. Baby received one too, but he didn't know(fact: he never checks his email) so.. he missed it.

Hello, My name is Shinyeee. And I hate these stickers because every time I rip them off one whole patch of my hair comes out too. Yes I'm hairy!!!

With my sugar. Top right picture, my face very CMI wtf why I look so chaotut.

Of leopard print and lace.


We were bored out of our minds. Thus, no details on the event from me.

But still thanks for the food, drinks and the ultimate HD experience from Astro! We watched the preview of their 2 and a half minutes advertisement in HD, the full version of the.. you know, the little girl cycling and the submarine that emerged from middle of the road that one lah, except this time it's the full version and way more amazing. They also broadcasted the advertisement Tzia was in with other well known bloggers! You go babe!

Later we escaped, went outside to wait for Fred. Out of nowhere the crazy one decided to makan durian. RANDOM!

The durian pro, Tzia.
She betul-betul pro.
(HAHA! Copied from the shisha line.)

While she was happily durian-ing, I was making this face.

Shisha at Curve later on with the same bunch.

This babe poses, wherever whenever.

& her love, Fred.

& his friend, Justin.

That was about it for yesterday.

I know I've been away from blogging for.. a week? Sorry! Will try to keep the updates coming. Just got back from another shisha session btw, this time with baby, Ernie and Yiwen. Feeling good!

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