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A day before my birthday I was working and received surprise visits! Pui Mun came over to give me a cake omnomnom. Met Tzia "coincid...

A day before my birthday I was working and received surprise visits! Pui Mun came over to give me a cake omnomnom. Met Tzia "coincidentally" and had lunch with her, cheeky babe hid her intention well and surprised me with a gift later on(Thanks babe I love it!)!

On birthday itself..

Birthday girl looking gorgeous with those wonderful eyebags.

(That was sarcasm okay I wasn't self praising)

Hubs and I dined at Garden Cafe @ The Curve that night.

Very much like Full House, both are pretty. Food wise, Garden's better. I've been hearing negative things about Garden, small portion, overpriced etc. But to me, portion's actually quite large, food tastes alright as well, price is reasonable considering the environment and presentation.

For starters, Chef’s Homemade Wild Mushroom Soup. The soup was delishhhh yumyum. Also actually it wasn't a starter for me because I had..

this instead. Orange Mango Sorbet, because DESSERTS ARE TO DIE FOOORRRR. It has got good texture and overall yummy as well but you know what, save it for desserts you guys. Really, otherwise you'll have to rush through it, like what I did.

Chicken Cutlet. No comment because I'm not a main course person. But according to hubs, it has got cheese inside and the sauce was good.

This was all I cared about.

Okay just realized that there are no pictures of drinks but the drinks are bleh anyway. Signature soda? BLEH. So really, if you were to order their drinks, stick to the basic ones.

Dulan, why ah?

Okay, moving on!

We were watching the premiere of When In Rome that night courtesy of Churp Churp/Nuffnang. So we went and collect our tickets at the booth.

Fiesty on Twitter badge from Churp Churp/Nuffnang. Ha! Birthday present lol.

Since we had extra time in hands, hubs and I went to the incredibly small and empty arcade. Had our photos taken in the sticker photo booth, raced each other at Daytona and played basketball!

Ha! No joke! I was pretty darn good at it too!

Played until the arcade was closed and made it just in time for the movie. When In Rome was good, mostly funny. Haven't seen a movie of this genre for some time already.

Later in the night, walks.

Of lights,

and mirrors. My cammir(camera+mirror)-whoring with DSLR skill is very retarded.

I like my look for the day :) (Just, maybe not the hair)

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  1. i prefer the pic u camwhore alone wan. u look better without me inside la. cause i look so big like take away all the attention:)


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