Malacca Pt. I

Okay no more further procrastination. The trip to Malacca was organised for the Malaysian Studies/English students and also the foreign stu...

Okay no more further procrastination. The trip to Malacca was organised for the Malaysian Studies/English students and also the foreign students. Since I never really had a tourist-like visit to Malacca before(I was too young to remember anything the last time I went there as a tourist), I went for it.

Dennis, Debbie, Celine, Myself(No I don't have a christian name) and Eugene.

The bus ride was extremely tiring. Couldn't feel my legs after an hour.

The sunlight at the back didn't help!

But there were certain exciting moments as well.

Yes I can!

First few stops were Bee Farm and a chinese temple. Nothing I find interesting there(except free honey tasting) so no pictures and eleboration :)

Lunch time~

Typical asam laksa, curry and soup stuffs.

Afternoon at Malacca was MADDDD HOTTTTTTTTT. My long jeans and t-shirt made it worse, if it wasn't a class field trip I'd definitely wear something that'd actually allow my skin to breathe.

Later the bus took us to the heart of Malacca city and from there we walked around.

The Stadhuys and Christ Church.

Boom! The Malacca Fort.

Boom! Eugene's... cannon.

The boys.

'Pro' looking or not! Hah! At least I don't hold it that retardedly already, hubs will be so proud of me hahaa.

We were heading to... can you spot it?

Ze Pirate Ship, arrr! I joke, it's the Maritime Museum.

Enad or rather, 'Messi'.

Next up, the Menara Taming Sari. Which is actually like Genting's Space Shot slowed down x100.

The view from the tower. Higher than Eye on Malacca??

Happy people.

Casey and Bell.

Earthquake! Hahaa.

Now you can go read the supposingly Part 2 of this here which is on Jonker St. and the Portuguese Settlement.

Before I forget, the 4 smaller pictures above are not my own pictures. Grabbed them from Bell, Daniel, Eugene, Enad and Arhwin(in that order).

Others are taken by me with hubs' big fat camera. I don't know why I wanted to be the photographer that day, especially with that big fat camera. Not fun at all, don't know how hubs do it! I definitely like to be photographed instead of photographing.

Just ain't got the photographer's skills and patience.


DSLR very big and heavy and mafan and like have to take care of a baby like that one you know. Then hor, your neck will pain and your movement limited like mad cos you scared later the big fat thing will bang here there one. AND wanna camwhore also susah one cos your wrist will pain so you see not much camwhore pictures liao.

(Complaining in auntie language seems more effective)

But of course, the pictures taken by DSLR are so gorgeous that I can't take my eyes off them. The DSLR obviously pwned my phone camera and my long forgotten digital camera so I shall stop complaining.

Or never mind lah, next time wherever I go I just keep hubs in my pocket so that he can be my photographer. Sounds good?

That's all! Now I shall go spend time with the love and maybe finish up some of my assignments.

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  1. I ♥ your photosssss much!!!
    Btw your trip too!!

  2. Thks dear. I think it's because of the camera, haha! :)


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