Malacca Pt. II

No you didn't actually miss Part 1. It's just that I'm stupid enough to not transfer the first half of the pictures into my lapt...

No you didn't actually miss Part 1. It's just that I'm stupid enough to not transfer the first half of the pictures into my laptop. I'll do the transferring later perhaps but right now we'l just have to deal with Part 2 first.
It's mostly about food at..

Jonker Street.

This is actually our second last activity of the day, walking and eating along Jonker Walk.

First up, chicken rice ball.

We went to the same place I had my chicken rice ball last time but different branch(??!?). If you walk along the street you will see this shop at a corner lot and this shop again a few units after the corner(??????!?), I hope you understand my gibberish write up. But anyway my point is, go to the one which is not at the corner!!

Why? Because even though it may seem small and old from the outside,

It has stunning interior.

I didn't see all these at the corner one previously!

The chicken rice there, from what I remember, was just so-so. You can find better ones back in Subang!


Next, we went for CENDOL! 

Durian cendol is loveeee. I had 2 cendols consecutively, one normal baba and the other one durian.

Casey destroying her cendol!


We had limited time at Jonker Street so towards the last few minutes we were all rushing our souvenir shopping. I bought Gula Melaka(duh!), durian dodol and all the other cliche things.
Our last stop of the day, Portuguese Settlement. I didn't know it was a 'beach', thought it was more like a dataran of some sort.

Don't judge me, I can't be bothered to deal with the white line.

This is the imba-est thing of the day. It is even more exciting than the Taming Sari tower(we'll come to that later).

Hi there Bel ;)

I had this thought of becoming a surfer before.

But now I don't think I can make it.

Casey the cute.

Myself the fail rabbit.

Awesome mango juice. 100% juiced and not overly sweet. I like.

After that was the long trip back to Subang. Reached Subang around 10:30PM so you can imagine the exhaustion there.

Okay Part 1 next time because right now hubs is waiting for me impatiently. Going out for dins at Boston in a while. Better go freshen up before he annoys me further with his singing. Gaaaaa-

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  1. Is that a Ben Sherman t-shirt you're wearing Shin? If it is, I dont like you anymore........ ;)

  2. I wish it is! But no, it isn't :) Yay now you can continue liking me.


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