He came to buy

   Armed with Lacoste and Ralph Lauren paper bags he walked in with his head held high.     From the corner of my eye I saw him speaking to ...

   Armed with Lacoste and Ralph Lauren paper bags he walked in with his head held high. 

   From the corner of my eye I saw him speaking to my colleague in his foreign accent. It wasn't until I was done with my business that I went up to them to check things out. He dropped many compliments on her dress, he seemed genuinely interested in it. 

   "30 bucks, that is all it costs," she told him. 

   To which he arrogantly replied, "I want to buy this dress HERE and I want it to be expensive." 

   First reaction of mine was to pull out a dress we were selling for 120 bucks. He examined it and later told us that he would be leaving to Canada in a couple of days. The dress was supposingly a gift for his sister. It all seemed genuine at that time, which was probably why my colleague agreed to try the dress on his request. It was then when he started making physical approaches like head patting, cheek pinching and shoulder touching that we knew he is nothing but a pervert, weirdo. Immediately we made eye contact, my colleague and I, we had an understanding. We made it obvious that we wanted him to go away and ignored him. 

   After what it seemed like 5 minutes I saw him making a move on one pretty customer. "Just tell me if this is nice", he pulled out somethings from the Lacoste bag. 

   A pair of jeans, which is not at all Lacoste. I know what this is about now. He showed her the price tag, and said loudly, "100 over Ringgit Malaysia. Expensive isn't it?" 

   At this point I refrained myself from rolling my eyes and say, "Oh get the f*ck out of here and go get a real pair of jeans." but that is exactly what I should have done if I were to know what he was going to do next.          
   After the customer went into the fitting room, he lingered around, picked up a scarf and started posing in front of the mirror. He was just trying to peek into the fitting room, I'm sure. He then actually asked the customer to try more clothes, can you believe it? Quickly I conversed to the poor girl in mandarin, asking her to ignore him and just get the changing done with as soon as possible. 

   When she was at the counter paying for the items, the douche bag offered to pay but she was clever enough to reject. More conversations in our mother tongue, I told her to get to a crowded place once she leaves and report it if he harasses her further because I was pretty darn sure he will follow her out. 
   I was right. 

   We were relieved that he finally left but felt stupid for being so irresponsible to allow this to happen. We should have called the security from the beginning but I guess we were in too much shock. 

   I know exactly what his intentions were. He was trying to tell them girls he was rich, hoping to grab their attention or even something more but as you can see, he failed. Rich people don't buy jeans that cost 100 plus and call them expensive. 

   He came to buy only one thing, he came to buy a girl.


Perverts nowadays are so full of tricks. Few years back then I was stupid enough to fall for it. A stranger asked me to follow him to a shop and try something on for him. I fucking said yes, wtf? Now that I think of it, was I under drug influence?

There will be no next time.

Oh and what is it with their weird fetish? Why is it that they like seeing girls try on clothes so much?

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  1. Aint surprising if its in Pyramid. Was he an African or a Whitey?

  2. Iranian/Arabian surprisingly :)

  3. wow. i'm shocked to read this. i tot he just wanted to show off he is rich, just to find out he has other intention! grrr.

    thanks for sharing. this is such an eye opener. didnt know ppl will do such thing to get wat they wan.

  4. That's why we should always think more than twice in weird situations like these :) don't fall for their tricks!

  5. Okay, this is really surprising. =O I've heard of them using magic, but this?

    I guess you were naive at that time when you followed that stranger?

  6. Yeah I suppose I was :( but no more next time! :)

  7. Do whatever you want and marry me! Haha. I kid. Brad Pitt is old.

  8. Yeap he is old, but still one of the "hottest" celebrities, I say "hottest" in a metro-sexual way.

  9. I thought you were doing some advert.Didn't know it was real !

  10. Eden - I think I like Jolie more :)

    Vanessa - It was real and a bad experience!


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