PeeDee again.

Sorry to disappoint but you won't be seeing nice pictures from PD because my digital camera sucks big time. Well actually you won't...

Sorry to disappoint but you won't be seeing nice pictures from PD because my digital camera sucks big time. Well actually you won't be seeing any nice pictures until I get myself a new camera. And I'll get one as soon as my looooooong awaited pay comes.

Alright, no rants today. Back to the random PD trip. It was random for me because Zhiji only asked me a day before the trip itself.

Zhiji was our driver throughout the whole trip. I know this shot is kind of unflattering but that's all I have of him behind the wheels. Or not, heehee.

Stayed at Legend Water Chalets. Premium Tower Seaview, so it's not exactly a chalet we were staying at but we had a full view of the chalets and sea.


  • Room is more spacious. Can fit the 6 of us in comfortably!
  • Nicer tv. Flat screen!
  • Bigger bed, but not attractive.
  • Looks more grand.

CONS(There are more cons than pros, you saw this coming didn't you.):

  • The entire place is concrete, so it doesn't give the relaxed ambiance. In fact I was hoping for more greens or some cute animals to walk around.
  • No nice beaches nearby. We had to drive 15 minutes to the beach near Bayu and Avillion.
  • The pools and facilities are no good! Nothing special about them. Or maybe it's just me.
  • The bathroom doesn't come with double headed sink. HOW CAN.
  • OHMYGOD the breakfast buffet is horrible. More on that later.

You can make your own comparison too. Here are my Avillion posts: 

The view from our balcony. Not bad really. As you can see at the right corner there are some high class chalets with personal swimming pools! Woohoo.

From left: Reuben, Siew Lee, Kelly, Villi, myself and Zhiji.

By the beach in the evening.

Very very sad because I don't get to wear bikini, someone forbade me from doing so.

Liking this shot :)

When night falls, barbecue time! I'm really really good at starting fire! :D

Had a few burnt lamb steaks and plenty of sand before the thundering sky threatened us into leaving.

This is how retarded my camera is at times. The shutter can just open halfway at times but in this case, nice effect!

Back at the room, time for a feet soak. *holds breath

Later that night, we were joined by a deck of cards, some Malibu and Chivas. Knocked a couple of us down and that concluded the night.

Next morning, Zhiji and I went for breakfast. I'm quite surprised at the fact that I was one of the earliest to wake. Alright where was I, oh yeah breakfast. I didn't like it, they don't have many choices. I only liked the pancakes :)

No muesli :(

Pink yoghurt. How very appetizing!

A walk around the place. The buildings at the back really ruined it all. The pool can go evaporate itself dry if you compare it with these..

Took these myself at Avillion.

But hey, they have two jacuzzi by the pool though they're not very clean.

Remember what I said about animals? If you're lucky you can actually see an over sized monkey hanging around the place.. 

I was lucky enough to catch it.

I know right, I should really be enjoying my time there instead of complaining. But that wouldn't be me then, I complain, all the time. Seems like nothing is good enough for me. Okay lah, next time I'll just sleep in a tent by the beach.

Lunchtime at Malacca. I've finally found the best chicken rice balls around!

Here! Therefore I conclude, the lousier the shop looks, the better the chicken rice balls are.

Villi got too hungry while waiting.

Chilled at Geographer Cafe. Loved the variety of drinks offered.

Gorgeous 2 bucks fan.

Lingered at Jonker St. until the night market was about to start. Now I finally understand that the night market there sells the exact same things like what they sell in the morning. Just that, they open a stall in front of their shop.

Sate kambing for dinner. Omnomnom yummeh.

Glad to have you people as companions. Overall the trip was good. Anything involving food and beach is good. Forgot my durian cendol this time though :(

Sorry for this effortless update, something's affecting my mood real bad but I will get back on track I promise!

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  1. Ass, I taught u how to start it effectively!

  2. Love the pic of you and the fan.
    Great shot.
    And omg, pls take me to that chicken rice ball shop place when I come back.
    I MISS IT.

  3. no, you just told me what to do, well actually i was just waiting for the right time to do it.. =P

  4. Janey- I will! If I even get to see you when you're back :( Oh that shot! Some 'random passerby' took it so I can't really credit him can I? :)

    Zhiji- You don't lie la you were trying to burn a small corner of the charcoal with Zippo & that won't work! :)

  5. some random passerby huh?! must be really handsome..

    meanwhile, you were just standing aside to watch the rest of the charcoal burn, which i left it there to try ONE with my zippo.


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