In case you didn't detect the word fugly up there, this post is going to be filled with fugly pictures of me. You may think that I'm...

In case you didn't detect the word fugly up there, this post is going to be filled with fugly pictures of me. You may think that I'm still ugly now but back then I was FUGLY! And the best part is I used to like those pictures because I thought I looked good in them *stabs self and jumps off a building

Let's start with the oldest of all.

This isn't exactly fugly but I'm just showing you my editing skills back then. I used to do this a lot to all my pictures because then people won't get to see how exactly fugly I am. This was Form 2 or 3 before I got fat.

These are mad fugly fml max because I looked BURNT. Where got people so freaking dark one omg I think I was darker than everyone else I knew. And that red mark on my shoulder? Cheerleading punya pasal.

Now you know why I detest the sun so much! When I tell people I will somehow resemble a chunk of crap if I get tanned they don't believe me. Now that it's proven, stop forcing me to go under the sun!

I now look like Snow White compared to last time. I bet even SK-II wants me to be their ambassador. 

Back to mad fugly pictures. Now that the dark period is kind of over, it's time for..

Fat period. I'm so horrifyingly fat here. Look at those arms of mine! I think I could slice them off, feed them to an entire troop of army and still look normal sized.

Okay so I was fatter and darker back then. But I just had to be shit at make up too. What I used to do was dab some shit onto my eyes and call it make up.

Like so. No I did not just got punched in the eye.

I'm sure I wasn't going for the gothic look but what the hell.

I won't do fringes like these anymore either.

Seriously, I CRINGE everytime I look at those pictures. Not that I like to insult myself but there are some things you can't deny. Photographic proof okay! If I were to say that I looked hot/pretty/cute/chio/adorable in those pictures, I must either be really really blind or in denial.

But of course, the pictures I hate now only make up like 1/50 of my total pictures so technically speaking I'm still very much in love with myself. If you come up to me and call me pretty I'll just go like, "I KNOW RIGHT. Thank you thank you." instead of, "No laaa, you prettier. I where got pretty one laaa."

That's the problem with people nowadays, they don't accept compliments especially when they involve physical appearances. Damn it, just say, "Really? Thanks!" next time. Unless you want me to go, "Oh you're right. You aren't pretty at all."

But you know, really, nobody is born ugly. All that matters is whether they make an effort to look good or not. And everyone should learn to love themselves.

Like me, I love myself so much I sometimes make out with myself.


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  1. your blog is soooo nice! really awesome! can you share about how you slim your arm?

  2. O.o
    what product you use to become show white one?
    I oso want

    by the way,
    I just pass by =)

  3. mei sin - Thanks! :) Nothing much really. It just follows along when my body itself slim down.

    Jenn - Secret remedy is, never go under the sun! :) Thanks!


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