What I absolutely love about FIFA 2010

It's finally over! No more overcrowded mamaks, no more jams, no more frivolous statuses and NO MORE VUVUZELAS (Come to think of it, I ...

It's finally over!

No more overcrowded mamaks, no more jams, no more frivolous statuses and NO MORE VUVUZELAS(Come to think of it, I think I will actually miss them)!

Incoming offensive rants! Run away if you're easily offended, have zero sense of humor or just plain closed-minded. (I won't even like you anyway, if you match the 3 criteria here. So may I change that to, run away and never come back.)

To those who curse teams:
Seriously peeps, you don't have to fuck all the teams you're against. What have they done to you anyway, they're not even your country to start with.
Okay forget it, curse them all you want. They won't know anyway. After all, you're not the one being watched by the whole world on national television.

To sore losers:
They lost, whatever you say won't turn back time to correct that mistake. Oh wait, what? They never make any mistake anyway? Oh, the opponent played dirty? Oh... you know what, keep going.
I'm going to just observe the dusts over here. Hey, did you know that dusts are low in fat?

To "true fans" who coincidently falls under the two categories above as well:
Wait a minute.
Aren't you supposed to be in South Africa for the past few weeks?

To idiots who support different teams every night(sleeping while they're playing isn't exactly supporting) and post things like "GO SPAIN/GERMANY/HOLLAND/ENGLAND!" on Facebook all the time(Hey! I happen to fall under this category!):
You guys are awesome.
Just. Awesome.
Since I called us awesome, can you by any chance steal that trophy casing for me? There's nothing I love more than that LV casing, out of the entire FIFA World Cup 2010.
Or you can get me that trophy, it's real gold right? I'm sure I can sell it off.

That's all! I've now successfully played my part as a megabitch.


Sarcasm isn't your second language? Oh. Okay. Here's a translated and less harsh version:

It's just FOOTBALL yall! Just a game!(Just a game? JUST. A. GAME???)

Yes it is! So did you enjoyed any yelling/screaming with your loved ones or friends or even better, an entire mamak stall? Did you show any sportsmanship?

FIFA World Cup, if you look at it from another perspective, is something which brings the whole world together. Everyone yells for the same reason. Can you imagine how noisy planet Earth must have been? Not to forget the vuvuzelas.

For once, everyone is connected. Everyone shares something.

Err, what? You lost some money? HAH. Serves you right. You weren't suppose to place money bets in the first place.


Last words?

Thank you all. Yes, ALL OF YOU, no matter how nasty you are. The fun of World Cup would not be there if not for you guys. World Cup would have been impossible.

You're all very entertaining.




Cute little fellow ain't he?

Oh well, too bad he won't live long enough to see the next World Cup. Average lifespan of his species is like, 3 years. Awww, so sad.


Okay I take that back. I like animals, be it octopus or.. Well he's considered as an underwater animal right? But I do think that he is merely a publicity stunt, poor Paulie must be someone's tool.

Free the octopuses!

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