Malacca again Pt. I

I actually wanted the  "whole Malacca trip"  to be concluded in this post but it's impossible! I'm mad tired, have no tim...

I actually wanted the "whole Malacca trip" to be concluded in this post but it's impossible! I'm mad tired, have no time and the pictures are flooding. I'll have to break it down into 2 again, you lovely people won't mind right?? I know you won't, you're all such nice people! *membodek

After a long road trip(I wouldn't know for sure how long exactly, I was sleeping the whole time), we arrived at our destination. The boys got to work immediately, busy snapping away in their own world. Pictures here are all taken by hubs.

Hot hot day.

Kenji and his camera, I like that camera!

Happy faces.


*loud techno music plays. Poor aunty and uncle.

Our first stop, Stadthuys?

Okay historical places are boring, not my thing. So time for some shameless photo spam!

Heheh, my sandals were soaked from World Stage so I had to wear hubs' slippers.


Happy happy child with heavy heavy eye bags.

Next, water mill. 


Spot the 3 boys.

We spent 15 minutes posing in front of this tinted door. I wonder if anyone was behind it monitoring our every moves. 

Arrrr, ze pirate ship.

Of course we didn't spend the entire day just snapping pictures of Malacca trademarks. As soon as the boys were done, we headed to Jonker Walk for some shopping and chilling.

Not literally chilling though, it was mad hot.

Got myself new slippers! Yay I love :)

You see, when it comes to places, especially if they are at the hot outdoors, I have got nothing much to elaborate. However, next up, pictures from our time at Jonker's. Right now please allow me to sleep for I haven't been sleeping well for the past few days. Couldn't adjust myself to the new timetable.

I know! I'm so lazy! Leave me be!


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