Hi all! If you love blackberry and cannot survive without yours, this is someone you must know! Eric Soong , the blackberry doctor! No, my...

Hi all! If you love blackberry and cannot survive without yours, this is someone you must know!

Eric Soong, the blackberry doctor!

No, my blackberry isn't sick, I just felt that it needed some plastic surgery. I mean, how can anyone stand the typical black housing *yawns

Sometimes, you really need a splash of color in your life. This time, kind of literally. In my case, it's..

Boring Black(See even the term matches, it's destined to be)Perky Pink!!

This piece of thing is not my BB! This is Tzia's. Yup, she had hers pimped as well. That colorful thing on her keypad is what people call 'rainbow lights', awesome stuff!

My BB, patiently waiting its turn for surgery.

Eric explaining to us girls the conditions we might face. He's not like some conman who takes your money and disappear. He really does care for your BB!

Look at all that. Do you dare disassembling your BB like that yourself? Looking at my BB in that state makes me kan cheong.

While waiting, the boys are having some fun of their own.

The installation didn't take long. 10-15 minutes for each phone I'd say? Now for the final products..

Two adorable pinkberries that beat the boring black ones flat.

Yay! Kao tim :) Eric even wore a pink cap to match the occasion heehee.

There are always other colors for you to choose from if pink isn't your thing. Like Eric, he changed his to white(it was originally black as well). You can even mix and match the colors as you desire!

Every color to suit your style. Spot the Ironman one!

Installation is free :)

There are many other things too, covers, screen replacement etc etc. You've got to check it out yourself at Eric Soong's blog,

Okay go now, your turn to spice up your blackberry!

Happy girl with her pinkberry.

With the cover on. You can see the baby pink peeking out!

Pinky Iphone wants to join :)

After all that BB surgery at Midvalley, hubs and I headed back to Subang. This time, his turn to do something about his pink Iphone! Housing is not pimp-able of course, he just got himself a more appropriate cover.

Later, AC all the way until it's time to head home. That made up 4 hours of pool alone. Goodness. 

Tired now :( 


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  1. woohoo!! 1st!!
    thanksss, so far u boosted 264 referrals!! awwesomeee!! in contrary, tziaaa = 101 :P
    we'll see what happens in the next few days!

    anyways, hope u like the bb =D

  2. babe! the pink phone is sooo cute! do you email him to meet up at mid valley or ?? :) im interested to pimp mine too! black is too common :(

  3. Eric- heehee. love it!

    Riley- yup! just email him to order the things you want :) he'll then make arrangement with you. ditch black! :D

  4. omg. when i come back, i'm spendin money to prop mine up.
    Intro me, k? ;)
    u checked out his web already.
    love the chromes

  5. Yes janey you must! It's cheap too! Yeah I kind of like the gold and white one but I guess babypink suits me more :)

  6. heyyy how much did you paid to pimp your blackberry babe ? :)


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