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So I went to college, met awesome friends. Here are 10 random facts about them: They are ninjas. They eat a lot. They go wherever the ni...

So I went to college, met awesome friends. Here are 10 random facts about them:

  1. They are ninjas.
  2. They eat a lot.
  3. They go wherever the nice noms are at.
  4. They can finish a meal and then ask, "Okay where to eat next."
  5. They go to Klang for cendol during a 2-hour break.
  6. They have a thing for recording people who fall asleep in class.
  7. One of them has the ability to laugh for half an hour continuously.
  8. One of them has the ability to say 20 'OK's in 5 minute time.
  9. One of them is fluffy.
  10. They have the ability to do about 10 mini flash mobs in 2 hours at Pyramid.

Just like me!

Since I don't blog often about college and friends, at least not as much as Brian and Jesmine, here's a compilation of some of our moments captured:

And here's a long video on our 'mini flash mobs day' in Pyramid. Forgive my barbarousness. I was never really ladylike throughout my life though I might look like that type. And how can I even be NORMAL around those ninjas! :

I know right, no better way to waste 2 hours of our life :)

Good night yall!

Up next, Oktoberfest at Laundry. Stay tuned ;)

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  1. Awwww ShinYee Lim!
    Love you lotsss <3<3

  2. I want to learn how u do the photo thing!!! Sifu..fluffy wana learn!!

  3. nice 1,shin yee...yeah~~haha..thanks for editing this...

  4. nice 1..me too..keen on this edited photos.hahaha~

  5. Jes- heheh, love you too! :)

    Brian- okay fluffy. be good and owner will teach!

    Jayross- no problem! you guys should go download Adobe Photoshop first :)


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