Hello guys, I've been blognoring for the past few hours. Blognoring = Blogging + ignoring people on MSN, according to Shawn Khoo (He ...

Hello guys, I've been blognoring for the past few hours. Blognoring = Blogging + ignoring people on MSN, according to Shawn Khoo(He forced me to bold, italic etc.) I hate MSN by the way, I log on just to show face to the world, letting them know that I'm still alive but seriously, do not bug me with lame conversations like "Hey, how are you what are you doing etc etc." What's the point of pointless MSN conversations? I don't get these people, why are they so free?

Okay back to blogging. Seriously, putting me in front my laptop and ask me to blog is like.. asking me to eat sushi with chopsticks. The sushi will fall apart in the saucer and the pieces will drop on the table as I try to move them to my plate. Fail and not productive.

Alright I shall rant no further, time for the proper post. Over the weekend, I was at Awana with my hebat people for an event.

Heading up, sejuukkk.

HAHAHA showing you the view from my balcony because I actually didn't take many pictures, mainly just casual and.. camwhore pictures. So before I proceed with all that, wash your eyes with greeneries first.


When night falls..

Us girls got a little dressier. 



Went up to Genting. That night was an extremely cold night, so misty we had difficulties seeing the road. Went up, had some bites and drinks and came down about 4 in the morning. Was supposed to wake latest by 6 FOL T_T

But notice the word 'supposed', so yes the fact is we woke at 10 FOL double times we were sooo late.

Next morning, rise and shine!

Why do I look so cute in the morning. *tak tahu malu

Okay that is all I know I'm very terrible at elaborating. I think I'll continue next time. I THINK, no promises. The excuse I'll be giving today is... I'm tired I need to crash now hahaa. BYEEEE.

I want another dye job ):

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  1. Goodness...who is tat on the bed?? Looked so dead like tat..haha

  2. hey!! i msg you on msn asking how are u and what ur doing!! fineee wont msg u anymore la. =(

  3. hey!! i msg you and ask you how u are or what ur doing on msn!!
    fineee i wont msg you anymoree thennnn =(

  4. Like eating sushi with chopsticks~ LOL...hahaha. Well i noe how bad that is,u'll struggle like nobody's business!!

  5. Hahaa don't emo (: got exception for youuu!

  6. hi, was your reader some time ago...ur hair is getting healthier compare to last time.. =) u looked great btw~ ;)

  7. hey thanks (: actually not really healthier, it just LOOKS healthier after relaxing haha

  8. heyy shinyeee! :) I love your hair colour! Did you dyed it at a salon or something ? :D

  9. hey shiin yeeee ! :) i love your new hair colour.what colour is it ? and did you self dyed it or in a salon ? :)

  10. hey pretty, may i what brand is the contact lens that you're wearing now? it looks so nice and natural =D


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