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Off day today, happy! Didn't do much though because I was feeling tired the whole day. Hubs came over to help me clean my room ❤.

Later we had dinner with Aun Hoong, Ken Yee and Belinda at SS15. Old Kawan kopitiam because we can't think of any other places. The food was okay but I don't like the coffee there.

Pictures during work! Of my favorite meals,

Morning latte to give me some perks!

San Fran extreme latte is way better than Starbucks'. I can't believe I said that too!

Ajisen! I have it sometimes up to 5 times a week!

And of myself,

Specs day.

Ribbon day.

So you see, work is making me fat because whenever I'm bored, I eat. How??? Anyway, seen most of you guys coming in to my workplace already(happy!), don't forget to say hi okay (:

Despite the crazy shopping spree I had last month, I'm still craving for more clothing which will probably cost me half of my pay. BUT I WANT OKAY AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME.

If you're an SPM leaver and are not sure of what to do but don't want to end up a lifeless shopaholic like me, here's something for you.

Click HERE to enlarge!

DIODE Schoool Leavers Camp organised by Leaderonomics Youth. Most suitable for school leavers(obviously) who aren't sure of their future pathway yet! Don't jump into decisions for the choices you make now affect your future. This camp will help you choose the right path and understand more things in life.

Plus points! It is an almost 1 week camp which gives you plenty of bonding time at a most relaxing place, El Sanctuary! Want to have a sneak peek at that place? I found this awesome review of it HERE. It's dated 2008 so the place must be even better now!

The details on the camp are clearly written in that poster above, do check it out!

First off, some pictures with my Teetoo pretties!

Chenny the hyper one. The dress she's wearing is of course, from Teetoo.

Along with Pui Mun and Jenny with more Teetoo clothing and accesories! Like what you see? You know where to go :)

Us four with the worst pose ever. Using 'Teetoo' to replace 'cheese' wasn't exactly a good idea lol.

It was my off day that Saturday but hubs and I paid them girls a visit. We were at Pyramid for a movie, 72 Tenants. Funny movie especially if you're a TVB fan. After movie was shopping omg I really must control myself more, really too much shopping in such a short period. At this rate I'm going I will go bankrupt very soon.

Hubs took me to Ampang Look Out Point for dinner later in the evening.

New restaurant at the tower!

We had a good view from where we were sitting.

Sadly it was so cloudy we couldn't watch the sunset.

But it was still so mesmerizing.

Food time!

My ugly looking but yummy sandwiches.

Yummy spaghetti too omnomnom.

Night view. This picture is the best picture I have of the view from Ampang Look Out Point. 

And this is the picture I took with my compact camera during my first visit there. SEE THE HUGE DIFFERENCE?? Here's the entry on my first visit to Ampang Look Out Point btw, click!

Dessert oh my lovely dessert! Tiramisu.

Probably thinking, "Eh take picture take faster can or not I want to dig in already okeh."



Can I have 5 Saturdays in a week pleaaaase?? :)

CNY was well spent in my opinion. There was this newly developed family love thingie in me, I think. I actually felt happy going back seeing so many of my relatives that I haven't seen for the longest time.

Oh by the way, CNY snacks killed me.

So it's good to be back! Was suppose to come back in the evening but I rushed them family a bit and we made it home around 4! Have to refrain myself from snacking now. Otherwise there'll be another layer of stomach on me.

Control. Ohm.

Watched Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief. Favorited! I love Greek gods and goddesses okay that's why I like. But it's so Harry Potter like. Hmm, nevermind still like. (Omg 3 sentences in a row ended with the word 'like'! Okay, 4)

They changed logo already!



Dress from Teetoo. A gift from hubs as well!

So constipated now I can't sleep. This is what unhealthy snacks do to you. Kids, eat more vegetables and stop eating those ngakus! I have now less than 7 hours to sleep, work tomorrow.

On second thought, hand those snacks back to me and can I please sleep till noon again?? ):

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! I know I look like ah ma up there but it's the most CNY-ish picture I can find of myself!

OOOH I had bah kut teh just now with hubs and Ernie. Heehee sorry lah I don't always eat bah kut teh so it's a big deal for me.

I've finally completed my CNY shopping(sort of anyway) and cleaned my room(with hubs' help)! All that's left to do now is to wake up mad early later to pack and enjoy the long ride back to hometown. Hubs bought me lots of magazines in case I rot too much there.

Bought the parents, godparents, and grandma CNY gifts! Bought hubs a Valentine's gift as well! With my hard earned money, omg I feel like I finally accomplished something in life, happy! I mean, last time got buy also but never in my life I worked like this for money to spend on them. FYI I work 12 hours a day but I'm proud of the money I earn from it!

Okay I feel like I'm being too talkative here. Should really go and pack my stuffs now while I still can. Feel free to drop me angpows oh married ones!
Post made out of 100% my face. Run.

Seriously. This is just slight bit of what happened on last Saturday afternoon, before the dinner. I'm not satisfied with this batch of pictures actually, the brightness and contrast not synchronized. Using them anyway because I have no time to readjust them.

Was actually emo-ing while reading magazine but turned out so 'got feel'. So maybe it's true that the emo face suits me better.

Tadah! Spent 2 minutes walking and we arrived at destination!

Dark chocolate orange + Cookie crumbs! MMMM!

The enjoying ice cream 'hang fook' face.

What to do. Who ask my eyes to be so big on that day until I so like? That's why keep acting cute lah.

Can't wait for tomorrow(today actually since it's past midnight already) because I want to get some shopping done and go ber-dating with hubs before spending the entire CNY in my hometown!

Omg and after CNY got more money to go shopping. FML man I shop too much nowadays until my money from work also gone case already. That one nevermind, another thing is I can't seem to stop eating nowadays mouth super itchy. Next month must shop at plus size shop already.

What do you look for in a laptop? Style? Functionality? Heheehe sorry lah in my case I very greedy I want both can or not? The first thing that came to my mind when combining the two aspects above is none other than... Dell Studio.

I checked out the specs for Dell Studio 15 and here’s what I got.

Can feel the ‘wow!’ yet or not? Now let me show you how Dell Studio can look like, make sure you don’t go burning you dull looking laptop later on.

Fashionistas behold! The new O.P.I x Dell Design Studio! Looks so yummy that even I feel like eating it. Just imagine lah, O.P.I manicure + O.P.I Dell laptop, every girl’s dream okay!

Don’t have a thing for fashion?

Maybe you’ll like art instead! Artist Edition Dell Design Studio with designs from 4 famous artists. Bold enough to own one??

Or maybe if you want to do some good on the way, why not go for Dell Studio’s (Product) Red to help eliminate AIDS in Africa?

Comes in 3 different designs!

Don’t want the normal plain color design but don’t want the creative designs above as well? Then how about a unique and personalised Dell Studio designed by one of us?

If you missed out on designing your own laptop for Dell Design Studio "Make it Yours" contest some time ago, why not vote for your favourite design instead?? Make them creative people happy by giving them what they deserve, their very own designed laptop!

I browsed the designs submitted HERE and found a couple of my favourites!

Jolene Tong’s design. So happy and colorful I’ll smile instantly when I whip out my laptop. I bet it’ll make onlookers smile too!

A very useful design from Cello Ong. Hot keys! Now there’s an easier way to remember your hot keys, simply just look at your laptop cover.

What adorable laptops they’ll make! I WANT I WANT I WANT! But nevermind lah, the designers who took time to design for the contest deserve them better. So do them a favour and VOTE at now! Voting period ends 12 February 2010!

This is an advertorial ;)