My parents decided to take the family to Bukit Tinggi on New Year's day. Uh huh. I'm only blogging about it now because as usual I&#...

My parents decided to take the family to Bukit Tinggi on New Year's day. Uh huh. I'm only blogging about it now because as usual I'm the best procrastinator in the world.

The main character of the day was Colmar Tropicale, better known as 'French Village'. This is not a picture of it. It simply just looks nice so I put it here. I don't have a complete picture of Colmar Tropicale but feel free to Google it.

Okay I didn't take many pictures of sceneries and such. I was hiding in the shadows most of the time because it was too sunny. Attempt at photography, failed.

Tourist-y picture #1

Mumi and Dad. I don't know why every time they see random landscape they must have a picture taken. Does this thing behind them even look nice?? Sorry gardeners and maintenance workers but NO!

Here we are chilling at the hotel lobby! My mumi actually layan-ed my camwhoring!

Ahhhh, wherever they are, their hearts will always be with football.

I can haz big brown eyes.

This picture gave me the LOLs. When I saw it I really laughed out loud, all alone, in front of my laptop, 4 in the morning(this scenario is actually pretty creepy). But anyway, DO YOU SEE IT???

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA seriously dudeeeeee! This little guy has moves! Shaolin kungfu with the leg stance also!

HAHAHA class picture.

Tourist-y picture #2

The wishing well! 

I made my wishes using the remaining Thai baht coins, I think they sum up to 20 bahts. So I was there happily tossing the coins in the well when my mom saw what I was doing. This was how she responded, "OMG SUPER KIAM SIAP RIGHT YOU DON'T EVEN WANT TO USE MALAYSIAN RINGGIT." No she didn't literally say that but that was the meaning.  And no I'm not kiamsiap! Throwing RM2 into a well very kiamsiap is it T_T 

Mumi and myself at the clock tower.

Daddy Superman style.


Had our lunch in one of the restaurants there. There were a few restaurants, one serves bread and pastries, another serves pasta and pizza, and the list goes on. That is how they classify the restaurants. The one we went to served roasted chicken. The food was terrible though, service was worse.

Later we went for billiards. I lost to my parents thank you very much end of story. 

There was this 'ducky conman game booth' whereby you have to fish a duck and if you're lucky you win a prize based on the hidden number on the duck. IT IS DEFINITELY A CON! Why!? Because us as typical Chinese stood there for 10 minutes to observe. The marshals have their ways to recognize the ducks. Before they even reveal the number underneath the duck fished out they can tell if you win a prize or not. So we stood there trying to figure out the trick.

In the end I went for a few rounds and my efforts ended up in vain. Le sigh. 

My brother tried and won a prize on his first try. Le sigh x2.

He gave the prize to me anyway hahahaha.

This was another conman booth. Didn't get to try it.

Alright so here's a picture of swans and my artistic doodles to cheer you up.

I forced my brother to create props for me, bubbles!!!

To sum it up, Colmar Tropicale is a nice place to take foreign looking pictures, eat horrible food and get conned by game booths. Haha no really, if you want to make up a "My Trip to France" story for your relatives you can really use this place. Better than going for studio photo shoot like what Ah Beng did in the movie Tiger Woohoo.

We went to some other places on the same day but I really must stop blogging now. It's 4:30 AM and I got to wake latest by 9AM for class later! YAY! 4 hours of sleep to keep me going until midnight again. Mmmmm, so looking forward to that.

Good morning everyone!

Amour de ma vie.

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  1. Sudah tak gemuk, jangan pakai boot! LoL!Boot besar cam kepala otak you!

  2. HAHAHAHA tak tau nak suka atau benci comment you.

  3. i've seen the 'conman booth' with the pink seahorses at i-city before! wondering is it the same company that goes around places. hahaha. i've tried the roasted chicken one at Bukit Tinggi too. sucks. -_-" guess it's still the same after so many years. -.-

  4. Jilliancat - I love those conman booths, if only I can do what the guy did in Despicable Me heheh <3 <3 Next time we shall just bring a picnic basket, it'll be a way better experience.

  5. haha! those two guys in the background in touristy pic #1 are gawking at you!

  6. Cheryl - HAHA nooo they weren't! They totally spoiled my touristy pic ):

  7. LoL suka atau benci apa beza... Masih ignore saya juga zzzz... I thought we were friends lol.. Tak leh pergi paris sekarang pergi situ cam france kan? Ok la... Lain kali i ambil you pergi planet hollywood, sama cam paris hahahaha

  8. Ernest - eeee tak mau laaa. I mau pergi paris yang sebenarnya but then right some 'good friend of mine' right kata bawa pergi cuti cuti malaysia saja I sedih doh.

  9. Eh i city saja ok? Bukan SLK.... HAhahah Tak boleh afford paris so early and tak entitled so fast lol... Didn't you read the newspaper??!?!? 500 plus pilots unemployed... LOL!!!


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