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25/12/2010 0:00 - Countdown to Christmas at Souled Out 2:00 - Returned home to freshen up and have a couple of hours of shut eye 4:00 - Su...


0:00 - Countdown to Christmas at Souled Out
2:00 - Returned home to freshen up and have a couple of hours of shut eye
4:00 - Supposed to wake
5:30 - Left for the airport, realizing there was less than half an hour left before check in counter closes
6:00 - Arrived at airport
6:30 - Had breakfast, 5 minutes before gate closes
6:35 - Name was called, final call
6:40 - Ran to the plane, seated just few minutes before take off

Destination: Phuket

Why hello there! First and foremost, Happy New Year. I believe many have been looking forward to 2011, myself included. To kick start 2011, here is the first post, a 4D2N trip to Phuket.

Upon arriving at Phuket Airport, we grabbed a cab, had an one hour journey to the resort.

The resort is located somewhere on a hill, 5 minutes drive away from Patong Beach. The other areas on the hill look quite run down, thank god the resort does not disappoint. Booked the hotel online on a very very last minute basis and it was randomly selected because at that point of time(holiday season), out of 5, 4 hotels would be fully booked. Thank god indeed!

Balcony's view

The first pool

I can haz Katy Perry-ish shades

All set to explore the place. Loaded up on sunscreen, the sun there was scorching hot, hotter than Malaysia, probably because there were very little clouds.

Went to chill at the lobby

Cantaloupe juice

Lunch time(I see something else in the picture)

The second pool. I think they have 3 or 4 pools in total. 

Well, this one has a swim up bar right in the middle.

Chilling at the bar.

Sex on the beach (:

At night, buffet dinner by the beach.

Christmas themed! Well, it was Christmas day after all.

Christmas pudding and stuffs, nomnomnom (:

After dinner, a walk on the private beach.

Almost-middle parting. Eeeeks, super no-go.

That's for the first day in Phuket, mostly just chilling and exploring the resort. Even slept for hours in the room during noon, tired from the night before I suppose. One thing I noticed on the first day, there was hardly any Asians in sight except for the locals working there.

So, Asian hunting on the second day perhaps?

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  1. looks like such a nice resort! i wan goooo!! btw, nice pic on the poolbar!! <3

  2. Eric - Heh, when's your turn for a holiday?? (: Thks! <3

  3. seems like a really nice place!!!

  4. kallyempire - It is! Great for a relaxing getaway (:

  5. hi shinyee, the resort you stayed is a definite beauty! may i know what's the name of it? :')

  6. Sophia - Thanks! It is called Merlin Beach Resort. But if you're going Phuket, I suggest you go to Sri Panwa(Google the pictures, they're mind blowing!)

  7. hi shinyee, thanks for replying and giving me the information. Sure will check about it!


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