Patong Beach (Phuket Pt. II)

The next day, woke up only in the afternoon and missed breakfast (Ahhh why! I love breakfast buffet T_T Cereal and cold milk!) . So the plan...

The next day, woke up only in the afternoon and missed breakfast(Ahhh why! I love breakfast buffet T_T Cereal and cold milk!). So the plan that day was to head down to Patong Beach for lunch and to walk around for a bit.

Took a cab from the resort. 500 Baht for a 5 minute drive.

Malaysia, yes, Malaysia is famous for one thing. When the cab driver found out that we're from Malaysia, he started speaking with a "lah" at the end of every sentence. And they weren't even normal "lah"s, they were "lah"s with plenty of emphasis. Like so,

"Oh so you're from Malaysia LAH?"
"Oh holiday LAH?"
"So this is Patong LAH."

I think they assume "lah" to be our language or something, whereby we must end every sentence with it like how the Japanese do with their "desu".

So tempted to do the same back to him, the Thai way.

"Oh yes I'm from Malaysia KAP."
"Yes holiday KAP."
"Wow so beautiful KAP."

It's alright if you don't understand my mini rant. My mind is filled with nonsensical things. OKAY now back to the topic of the day.

Here we are! A little about the place..

Patong is the most famous beach resort on Phuket. With its wide variety of activities and nightlife, Patong is an ideal place to party and play. By night the town has a bustling nightlife which includes literally hundreds of restaurants, beer bars, GoGo Bars and of course discos. The nightlife is centred around Soi Bangla (Bangla Road) however there are quiet parts of town.

Visitors hoping for a glimpse into the exotic East might not find it here, though the steaming hot streets, neon lights and chaotic atmosphere of Patong can be overwhelming for the new arrival. The key to full enjoyment of the place is to pace yourself, drink lots of water and learn the meaning of 'mai pen rai' - which translates roughly to 'It doesn't matter' or 'Don't worry, be happy'.

(Yaar, I copied paste hehe)

This beach is like an ang moh heaven, they swarm the place as if there won't be any sun left for tomorrow.

On the contrary I try to hide from the sun as much as possible.

Lunchtime, a restaurant on the beach.

Seafood (:

After lunch, it was time to roam the streets. The streets are nothing like the ones we have here in Malaysia. The best I can describe is err, it's like Jonker Street but way bigger and busier, filled with bars, restaurants, stalls by the roadside and shady looking shops. All the pedestrians are angmohs. Okay so maybe it's nothing like Jonker Street but ... hey I tried. Even better, forgot to take any pictures. Heheh.

Guess where.

Starbucks hahahahaa. The heat outside was unbearable seriously. 

Took a tuk-tuk back to the resort. Same price 500 Baht but free air pollution and scenery haha.

Question: Is the sky blue or is the sea blue?

Wanted to see the sunset at the resort beach but... totally missed it -.-


Another trip to Patong in the evening for dinner.

Same place hahaaha.

I can haz a make-up-free face and an orchid on my coconut. It's amazing how girls love to point out that they're not wearing make up. They probably just want to shove this into your face, "OI SEE I don't look shit without make up okay." Probably (:

It was pouring that night so there was nothing much to do. Returned to the resort, had dessert and just chilled. Went to bed early too because we had to wake early the following morning. Next up, a long update on day 3, island hopping and snorkeling!

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  1. hahaha were u like the only asian there!? din find urself a nice looking angmoh? hahah

  2. I love your last pic! :D U wear ur sunnies to swim? hahah. <3

  3. Eric - Saw a family of Singaporeans but that was it! Nice looking angmoh eh? They were all fat T_T

    Jilliancat - Aww thanks! Haha I wasn't swimming, just posing (;


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