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Guess what this update is about. Chinese New Year.   Hahaahaha yes I delayed for a month I'm just too good at procrastinating. Howev...

Guess what this update is about.

Chinese New Year. 

Hahaahaha yes I delayed for a month I'm just too good at procrastinating. However backdated it is, allow me get it out of my way, at least for me to put a check mark on my to do list.

Hi! Gong xi fa cai! It's never too late to be wishing anyone that, everyday fa cai who don't want? (:

My grandmumi's house. Let me show you around for a bit..

We'll start with.. an orange/lime tree.

My fluffy Jingle and the poodle at the back.

My papa looking all serious with the "M"s on his forehead.

My grandmumi and mumi.

My hometown is one crazy place. It's forever hot there, regardless of any time of the year. It's the kind of hot that makes you weak and feel like not doing anything besides lying on the marble floor.

Or we could just hide in the air-conditioned room the whole day despite it being Chinese New Year T_T

Hehe kidding. Had a family gathering in the evening. I'm not a person who often participate in this kind of family gathering thingies but I made myself a promise that is from now on I'll be more involved when it comes to family and relatives. Things have changed so much! I'm no longer the younger generation, newborns start crawling everywhere and I feel... old. Oh how time has passed.

Here comes the next generation! Adorableeeeeee

My uncle and brother hahahaha I have several younger uncles.

The leng luis.

And the leng zais.

First we are children to our parents, then parents to our children, then parents to our parents, then children to our children.  ~Milton Greenblatt

2011, let's see what you got.


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  1. hi. may I know wat brand of contact lens u are wearing now? where u normally buy them? coz it's looks really nice! thanks for sharing :)

    p/s: u looked prettier in short hair :)

  2. I'm using barbie lens in pink. Bought them online but forgot which site though. It's widely available online. Thanks (;

  3. Brian was here.... haha~ Cos i noe u dislike anonymous readers.


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