Its Fridayy Fridayyy

Harrow! Today's a good day, oh yes its about 1am now and the owner of this blog is rushing her English assignment (fhl) but apparently s...

Harrow! Today's a good day, oh yes its about 1am now and the owner of this blog is rushing her English assignment (fhl) but apparently she's not gan chiong at all and still colouring her nails instead. 
She hired me for rm300 to update this post.

I already hint you , so guess guess who is me faster guess! Read till the end and you'll know okeh. #desperation

So last random Friday was April Fool... (its fridayyy fridayyy, gonna get downn...) 

"Die die must take picture cause today im shooo prettayy norhh!"

"Oh, there's a mirror! Must take picture cause my outfit very pretttayyy norhh! "

"What else can I do while jamming. Camwhore, and trying to act like i'm not cause other drivers looking at me. What to do, I'm too pretttaayy norhh! "

"Nothing do to.. so go see snow fall norhhhh! "

After that.,went to pick RACHEL NG YEE ING up to Bkt Jalil. What to do, petrol too much, wanna go far far to yumcha norhhh.

That's me that's me.Teehee *indentity confusion*

Then decided to leave the bkt jalil mamak and off we go to Overtime Puchong. 

The girls of the night! 
"Look look everyone's letting their hair down but me. I look like aunty!" 
(Pls don't kill me, cause the owner of this blog really said that on that night)

The awesome girl norhhh wtf! With David. 

With Ziyao and Raymond !

The owner, KarYee, ChingYee, and Jasmine!

Why we shoo cute!

Awesome girll norhhh with Jasmine !

I need to say something, the owner's camera is good. I admit. That's why we all look so awesome wtf. 

The owner, AWESOME girl, and Jasmine. 

Spam spam spam youuu with our prettayy face ^.^

"Oh, I forgotten I need to show my prettayyy face at least every one hour norrhh! "

Every party starts with decent pictures.. and then end up with something like this. 
We all had so much fun that night! 
The owner then drove back around 3am and off to Sabah the next early morning. 
Stay tuned for Sabah post! 

// I think Shinyee the owner will kill me now! Does this counted as blogjacked? *runs away*
BTW, very important everyone please pay attention here come come, I'm the awesome girl! Visit my blog also kthxbai !

///// WORDS FROM OWNER SHINYEE: My blog has been narcissistic all the while but Ms. Rachel has just taken it to another whole new level of narcissism, not to mention LALA-ness n0rhzzxxxss. But thank you all the same for lessening my stress and making me laugh for the night. I shall pay you 300 bucks by cheque, come see me end of this month, the 31st.

Lots of loveeeee n0rhssxxsxsz!

fml maximum.

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