Last year as a teen

My first ever birthday burger in my life haahaaha. In blink of an eye, another year has passed. I seriously feel old now, har har. Emotiona...

My first ever birthday burger in my life haahaaha.

In blink of an eye, another year has passed. I seriously feel old now, har har. Emotionally it has been a crazy roller coaster ride, the older I am, the more complicated I become. I don't even understand my own thoughts and emotions nowadays but that's alright. As long as I live by happily things will turn up just fine. Learned a whole lot this year, more than I ever did in my past 18 years.  


So my new beginning, a few resolutions. Just thought of them now so I haven't implement them yet. 

1. Be more organized, physically and mentally. Clean your territory and manage your time plsthankyou.
2. Exercise. FYL can you stop becoming flabbier.
4. Be happy and positive, always.


Special sweet treats to begin with (:

Later at night, had dinner with my baby.

My baby Chelle, thanks for being there for me always.

Some random people. Haha kidding! Thanks Jewin and Keryi (:

We were at Ben & Nick's Diner. The Aglio Olio is pretty much to my liking, mmm.

A couple of days after my birthday. My girls had a #fail "surprise" for me. Hahahahaah #fail because I knew it! Rachel has the failest acting skills ever, "SHINYEE WAIT HERE A WHILE I NEED TO ASK YOU SOMETHING. Errrr....... You know the...... errr... oh ya the girls right.. etc." 

Fhl maximum, hahaahaha.

Anyway, went for Tutti Frutti with my favorite girls after class,

and they "surprised" me with a gift! Awwww

The lovelies.

Rachel and Angeline


and her greedy mountain of Tutti Frutti.

but better than this really screwed up bowl at least, hahaaha.


Hello, I love you girls.

but please don't so retarded can?

Haahahahaha (:

Anyway, thanks for the gifts, girls. Hello Kitty frenzy!!! And thanks for getting me a "Congrats on your newborn baby girl" card.

This is from baby Chelle and pilot Ernie! More Hello Kitty! Hehehee, love it babes. I now smell like Hello Kitty (:

From my special someone.

Also, something for me from me! Hehee.

Many thanks to everyone that wished me, be it before, during or after my birthday. The most outstanding one must be Shiva's wishES in particular for he wished me in every single way possible, in person, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook comment, message, call, miss call and what not. Hahaaha. Also to my lovelies that sang to me through the phone and voice notes. And Ernie! Who took a picture of himself and a ... lighter -.- and sang to me through BBM. Wth lol.

(See how technology has changed lives)

Just want to let you know that I appreciate each and every one of your wishes. I shall share my happiness with you!!

*sprinkles happiness

Doesn't matter if it's the beginning or the end of a year, make full use of every single day. Live without regrets, one day you will want to look back and just smile.


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  1. Hoi! What screwed up bowl of tutti harrr. hahahaa we love u too!

  2. I like resolution number 2 =)


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