Up up and away!

One beautiful night, I was swept away to a land filled with wonders and Superheroes. Upon arriving, I was given a voucher to redeem a specia...

One beautiful night, I was swept away to a land filled with wonders and Superheroes. Upon arriving, I was given a voucher to redeem a specially concocted cocktail. The entire place was filled with Superheroes! Wonderwoman, Supergirl, Superman, Mr and Mrs Incredible, Invisible Woman, Catwoman, you name it they've got it!

Super hot Superheroes! 

There were photographers taking pictures at this photowall and those pictures will be on Encore's Facebook page. Looks like a comic strip doesn't it? Who doesn't want to look super cool right?

Yes, it's the Superheroes event brought to you by the Horeca School of Excellence (HSE) that happened on 26th May at the Library, KL. Trust me when I say the event was so happening that there is only one word to describe it, that is,

Incredible! Just like Mr. Incredible (:

There were 4 specially concocted cocktails for the night. I managed to try 2 of them.

 The Juggernaut is a piece of fine liquid put together for the elite. Blended with a touch of mama's homemade lemonade magic, toasted walnut, almond infused Jack Daniel's and energizing orange finished in a lengthened cold goblet, it's a no wonder it's named The Juggernaut. The taste and kick of it was strong, it's highly liked by my guy friends.

This is my favorite drink of the night. The Lady Luck. This refreshing tipple, when drunk, calls on the flavor of the lady luck herself. Beginning with a delicate floral infused Finlandia and then drawn out with a crisp watermelon and citrus. It definitely creates a quencher of the highest class.

The other 2 signature cocktails were Captain Jack and Red Sonja which I did not manage to try for myself, unfortunately. But with all the Pirates of the Caribbean action going on lately, Captain Jack was a hit that night! It's a delicious combination of Jack Daniel's and Poire Willian pear liqueur, brought together with a silky smooth naishe pear and lemon caramel. On the other hand, the sexy Red Sonja is a mixture of Bavarian black berries, raspberries and blueberries re-enforced with Crème De Fraise and pure Finlandia served in a classic sour style.

Just the sound of it makes you want to have a glass or two doesn't it? Well those cocktails tasted better than they sound (;

That night I managed to try a hand at mixing my very own cocktail, highlight of the night for me!

 A professional mixologist taught me everything I need to know and guided me through. Half a cap of that, a full cap of that, a little bit of this and that, and then the best part comes, shake it like there's no tomorrow!

 Pour it into a cocktail glass...

Wa-lah! Success! If all else fails I can be a mixologist (:

What more can you ask for? Perfect drinks served by hot Superheroes in the most happening environment. That is what a night out should be like!

If you missed it, don't fret. If you want more, no problem. Super Heroes are cool, but sometimes Super Villains are cooler. Yes, you guessed it, there's a sequel! Happening this 1st of June at 7atenine, KL. Don't miss it!

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