You're my Everything

When I'm out eating, you're with me. When I'm in class 'studying', you're with me. When I'm stuck in a traffic...

When I'm out eating, you're with me.

When I'm in class 'studying', you're with me.

When I'm stuck in a traffic jam, you're with me.

When I'm in the toilet, you're with me.

Near, far, wherever I am (stolen from Titanic lyrics lol), whatever I do, you're always always and forever with me.

Yes, you! My Blackberry! (or pinkberry)

I need you! To update me instantly when I receive an email.
I need you! To remind me of my tasks and schedule.
I need you! To take pictures of me stuck in a traffic jam and tweet it right away.
I need you! To give my fingers something to press around.

You too, iPhone 4!

I need you! To take pictures of myself with the front camera and edit them.
I need you! To practice my fingers' efficiency by playing Fruit Ninja.
I need you! To check on my Zombie Farm and see if the crops are ready to be harvested.
I need you! To give my fingers something to touch around.

All in all, I need you both, Blackberry and iPhone 4, to feel complete (and to look cool also hahahaa). Without you, my life would definitely be meaningless. In fact, what life? 

We all realize that, in today's world, one cannot live without a smartphone. Any smartphones, not just iPhone and Blackberry. Let's see which smartphone you are:

So you're a gadget freak? You're the gizmo geek who enjoy the open platform with the ability to control your smartphone to your liking.

You must have an Android.

Oh you're a workaholic! Your mind is always about business and work, but not neglecting social life.

You must have a Blackberry.
Aha! Tech whiz! You appreciate the Windows platform on the mobile with the best of everything. 

You must have a Windows Phone 7.
You're the realist. You put simplicity and practicality first with the efficiency of getting something done easily.

You must have a Symbian.

Whichever you are, Celcom has different smartphone platforms with the perfect smartphone package for you.

Why Celcom then? Simple! Because:

· Celcom has the widest network coverage.
· Celcom offers the best network quality.
· Celcom gives you the richest web and video streaming experience.

Oh oh oh! Wait! One more, how could I forgot!

What about for you, the creative and artistic one, who loves to have fun and loves utilizing many apps?

You must have an iPhone 4!

Celcom has the package just for you! Check out: for more information.

Time to harvest my crops and tweet for a bit. Bye!

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