1, 2, 3, Action!

So there had been some paragliding (it's like sky gliding) action..  Some celebration .. (I was thinking to put "something&quo...

So there had been some paragliding(it's like sky gliding) action.. 

Some celebration.. (I was thinking to put "something"-action but couldn't find a proper word but since celebration rhymes with action... why not? Hahahaha fail.)

But before we move on to all that(I'm still processing those pictures), let's put some slam dunk action into the limelight.

Oh yes, basketball lovers rejoice!!! For the S.O.X. All Stars Hoops 2011 is finally here.

The prizes to be given away this year are jaw dropping indeed. Go check it out at http://sox.com.my/star_hoops_2011/index.html ! It's time to bring some home with your talent, players (;

Well as for the rest of the people like me, we don't play basketball but we definitely love the thrill of watching the game. The dribbles, the dunks, the cheers, the team spirit! So what are you waiting for? Come join in the fun!

People from Kuala-la-la Lumpur, make sure you don't miss the action! Happening this Saturday(REAL SOON!) at MABA and also the finale on 31st July! See you there and bring some popcorn (;

For more information: http://sox.com.my/star_hoops_2011/index.html

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