I'll start dieting tomorrow

and tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. When will tomorrow really be here!

Diet. Such a gruesome word. Well you know what,

F*ck that. Lol.

Here comes the food:

Tea time/Dinner pt. 1 at Alexis. 

Too many clams, too much work to do, too lazy to eat them all.

Asparagus and scallops. Both my favorite food served in a plate. Yums.

Moving on to another place that makes me really happy. Dun dun dun.... Wondermilk!

A sandwich by the name of  "Turkey Love Affair". The pineapple chunk in it is a bad idea. Dislike. But I absolutely looove the crunchy and fattening chips at the side.

Chicken and cheese baked potato. This is the bomb. Good stuff.

Of course, my favorite part! The cupcakes!

Especially love the rainbow cupcake. Chocolate marshmallow at the back.


Hurhurhur. Couldn't resist to take a bite before I remembered to take a picture with the cuties.

His attempt at photography. 

Click this and click the magic button for me >>>> YES. CLICK ME.

Your reward: Increased level of awesomeness.


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