Who has 4 nipples?

It was Alex's birthday last week and we celebrated!!.....

... at a mamak, #likeaboss

Been such a long time since I've seen them all! My secondary buddies and Leno, the primary school soulmate!

This is the Leno. And this is her infamous quote: "What is Radiohead? I'm not dumb, I know Radiohead is a radio station so don't try to trick me."

and us back then LOL MAXIMUM. Queens of eyebags. I found my old post here.

Anyway back to the story! *Sorry for diverting the attention from our birthday boy* We went for a casual drink at Beer Factory afterwards. Believe it or not.. this is the first time I actually drank with them! After all these years!

Alex and Edward. Come to think of it I've known you guys since primary school.

The Cheong and the Hoo! OMG I've known Kelvin since kindergarten....

My partner-in-crime, Carmen! How I miss the good old times! :)

 We were trying to touch Alex's extra nipples. He has four, yes, FOUR nipples. Check them out yourself if you don't believe me. Hi Alex. *runs*

Yes I was in my mamak clothes the whole time. While all the other girls were in heels and tight dresses. Was hoping noone recognizes me but.... biggest fears always come true don't they?

Ahhh, poor Desmond. Does Kelvin's pits smell good.....? *shudders*

and.. he is the champion of the night.

Okay adios!


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I'll sell you my soul if you do.


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