Maybelline NY Fashion Week

Maybelline NY Malaysia had their fashion week last week at MidValley Megamall and I was invited there by Maybelline and Nuffnang. 

Arrived there slightly later than I should so I got a seat at the back, but still a good view. Maybelline NY was about to showcase their latest trends inspired by NY Fashion Week 2011. I seriously salute the host of the day(as seen above) because he can wear heels and walks stylishly in it! If only more guys learn to wear heels... Then perhaps they'll know the pain us girls go through everytime we do and stop pressuring us into wearing heels.

Gorgeous organizers that I believe have put in so much time and effort in making the event a success. Thank you!

 Let the show begin!

 Bold, beautiful look achieved by thick lined cat eyes and edgy style.

 Flirty and pretty look achieved by bright red lipstick and lovely dresses.

 My favorite of the day! Glamorous and attention grabbing look achieved by shiny heavy eyes and glittering outfits.

 Great show! The looks are all very well put together and everything suits the theme perfectly, the song, the style of walk etc.

Coco was there too!

 and of course, Farah! And to explain the terribly photoshop-ed in hat.. Amber Chia was right behind me (pink trench coat) and the hat is my attempt at trying to look not so short next to her. Hahahahah did it work did it work?? Gucci hat some more okay don't play play.

I'm sure you girls enjoyed the Maybelline NY event that went on for the entire week. Great bargains they have on their products there too!

Anyway I received two spanking new products from the event itself:

Fresh in Malaysia market and don't worry girls, I'll do a proper review on them real soon! 

Meanwhile, I've already tried out the Masterliner and the result exceeds my expectation!

So yes, stay tuned for the detailed review!

and while you're here, don't forget to vote for me in the Maybelline's Favorite Blogger Contest!


  1. hello ! this is Shu Yi from, you left a comment about the hungry hog, and.. thanks so much ! i've always follow your updates on your blog and defo a daily reader, super love it ! THANKS for coming over, it meant alot =))

  2. Hello there! No problem, I got your link through my blog stats. Thanks for visiting often and Hungry Hog is awesome isn't it? Haha! See you :)


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