Twilight Bashing

Count on Kingsley to immortalize moments. In this case, further immortalized already immortalized moments.

I suggest you watch from 4:10 onwards but otherwise, watch the entire video for the most interesting yet accurate synopsis of Twilight.

How was Breaking Dawn for you? For me it was better than the previous Twilight movies but if compared to other movies out there. Seriously.... meh. Too much slow motion, pointless staring, and shallow plot. I mean, really? Did I just spent 2 hours watching a wedding, honeymoon, pregnancy and giving birth? Damn right I did. 

There were only 2 things I like from Breaking Dawn:
1) The back of Bella's wedding dress
2) Christina Perri's song
3) Kristen Stewart looking hot
4)Robert Pattinson

Well, he doesn't look as good looking as he did in previous Twilight movies but I like him more and more now, probably because of these:

“What do you have in common with Edward Cullen?” 
Rob - “I look a bit like him.”

All hail the King of Sarcasm. I think Rob has just became one of my favorite person in the world. Bet he is wishing that he didn't die as Cedric Diggory.

Oh well, still looking forward to the next one though. Can't wait to see pedophile Jacob Black hanging out with his love of his life. 

Well, I'm not the only one.

Twilight fans don't get mad! It's all in good fun! Who can resist Twilight memes nowadays?? But if you're that obsessive about this whole Twilight series, go ahead get mad I won't even bother to argue with you -__-

But before you get mad, do vote for me! COUNTDOWN 3 DAYS! Twihard fans, if you vote for me, you'll get to dream of Jacob or Edward tonight (whicever team you're on). Non fans, you'll get to dream of Hogwarts tonight. So go on and vote for me >>>


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