Rimmed glasses and blue top. Guess who am I trying to impersonate..

Before I reveal the answer, here are some irrelevant pictures of my eyes make up. 

The answer is...... BEHIND ME!!! Yes, it's Simon the chipmunk in blue. I wanted to wear green because I looove Theodore, who doesn't right?, but I ran out of green clothes.

We were at e@Curve to party with the chipmunks! Woohoo!!

In case you're feeling lost, check this out! e@Curve is having a Chip Wrecked Christmas this month! Just look at all the activities awaiting you! 

Here is a real life chipmunk! Kidding, you're looking at our host for the day. Can this get more adorable??

Check it out, it's Alam! A very great dancer! He was teaching us some moves before the stars of the day make their appearance. Stars? Who??

None other then our tiny friends, the Chipmunks! Oh gosh Theodore is soooo adorable why is he so adorable.

Here's a video of their performance! Chipmunks can shuffle too don't play play.

Look! Our little host brought a friend with him!

When it comes to entertaining, leave it to the pro!

He was really good! Even I was laughing my head off even though I'm not a kid. .... I'm not. Really stop it. I'm not T_T

Ooh la la, Santa Clause made his appearance too, alongside with hot Santarina and Christmas Tree.

Just a short trip to e@Curve puts me in such a mood for Christmas already!

Good old Christmas corals to really spice things up!

A day well spent! Felt so jolly and chipmunk-y after the day at e@Curve. Go and experience it yourselves too!

and of course, I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH THIS!!!!! It's a must watch! Got to have more Theodore-ness in my life.

See you! Hopefully at e@Curve! and Merry Christmas too!

 p/s: I make a good chipmunk don't I?


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